Thursday, December 8, 2011

{ diy advent wreath }

I was entirely caught off guard this Advent season. 
My goal last year was to have an Advent wreath ready on time this year...
and I completely failed.
But I was still dead set on having a wreath this year and that's why I persevered 
and just finished one last weekend. 

If you don't have one either... run (don't walk) to your nearest craft store 
and grab a few bucks worth of materials and get to it before next Sunday.

Click on "Read More" below to see the tutorial after the jump.

What you need:
1. Styrofoam wreath (approximately $4)
2. Yarn (approximately $3 for a lot more than you'll need)
3. Cutting utensil
4. DIY Felt Poinsettias (click here for materials & how-to)
5. Advent candlesticks (approximately $6)

Rub one of the candle sticks on the wreath to mark where you would like the candles to be.

Use a cutting utensil (I used a kitchen knife) to cut the candles' diameter...
don't try to shove the knife in and do it all at once... instead do a few centimeters at a time. 
When you're nearing the bottom, 
start angling the knife a little bit and testing how loose "the tube" is.
When it's very loose, use your fingers to slowly pull it out.

You should end up with a perfect opening for your candles.

Start wrapping the yarn around the wreath, first securing it with a knot,
and carefully placing each strand of yarn next to the previous one. 
The first layer is a pain in the butt but you have to do it carefully 
so you cover most of the styrofoam.
Don't worry if you miss a bit because you can cover it with a second layer.

When you come to a hole, criss-cross the yarn strands

so when you're done it will look like this:

After the fist layer of yarn is on,
do another layer (not as carefully this time)
just make sure to cover any styrofoam that is showing through.
Also, don't criss-cross over the holes. 
When you're done, secure again with a knot and cut the yarn. 
Then find the holes for the candles 
and pull the yarn to either side so you can fit the candle in.

After the wreath itself is done, 
you'll need some felt poinsettias 
like the ones I posted about yesterday.

Place those pretty little flowers where you wish to have them 
and hot glue them on.
Ta-Da! You're finito. 

Whenever I do a tutorial I remember how much I stink at giving directions. 
Everything makes sense in my head... sorry! I hope pictures help.
Anyway, I may be super late... but, hey, at least I got it done before Gaudete Sunday. 
Halfway through isn't as bad as no way through.

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