Tuesday, December 6, 2011

{ diy felt poinsettias }

While my decorations aren't up yet, they are all ready and patiently waiting for me to get to it!
(I'm waiting to have a clean house to work with... maybe it's a pipe dream)

This year I've been obsessing over felt and yarn 
and I've made approximately 2.5 million of these 
felt poinsettias
I kinda love them and maybe you will too. 
They are incredibly versatile and add just the right touch of Christmas to pretty much anything.

They are a bit time consuming (5 minutes each maybe)
but totally worth it for 3 reasons:
1. I'm too embarrassed to go to the craft store again this week 
2. I'm too lazy to pack up my kid and go to the craft store again this week
3. My bank account is maxed out in the arts and crafts purchases category

So here's a tutorial and I'll be posting a project or two involving felt poinsettias in the next few days.

Here's what you need:

1. A cylindrical object 
(grab it from around the house so it's free)

2. Hot glue gun/sticks
(you probably have one already)

3. Half a sheet of felt 
($.30 a sheet)

4. Berry from a strand, button, felt circle 
(mere cents or $1 for a bag or a strand)

5. Needle and thread 
(even if you don't sew you probably have this in some sort of kit)


First cut out your molds. For my flowers I use two sizes of pedals.
You need a round object (a glass, a jar, etc).
I used a votive holder for this one since I wanted to make it small 
but I think a wine glass would be perfect too. 

Draw overlapping circles, like a Venn diagram (whattup 4th grade?!)
I used the top of the votive holder for one size and the bottom for another
to get the two different sizes.

Then draw a line directly in the middle of the overlapping part.
Is that considered an oval? I'm going to call it an oval.

Cut the little guys out so you end up with these:

Then cut two diagonal lines going towards the middle line
so you end up with a pizza slice-looking part taken out. Like this:

Use the mold to trace the shape on to the felt. 
You'll need 5 petals of each size.

Cut them out and you'll have petals galore.

Okay this part isn't as tricky as you might think.
Grab a needle and thread and just put the needle through one of the "spikes" and into the other.
Repeat with the same thread through 5 of the petals of the same size.

This is what I kept telling myself to remind me of how to put the needle through each petal:
"In through the outside, out through the inside."

Now that I think about it you could probably fold it in half 
and put the needle through the bottom part making sure that the opening is always facing you.
Oh gosh I hope this makes sense.

When you're done putting the needle through all of the petals 
you'll end up with a little petal train like this:

Pull the thread so the petals come close together.
Put the needle through one more petal to complete the circle.
Pull tight and make a knot in the back. 
Cut the thread.
Repeat with the other 5 petals of the different size.

Put a dot of hot glue in the middle and stick two of the flowers together.
(I forgot to take a pic of the flower with glue on it but just imagine it)

Use some more hot glue to adhere a center to your poinsettia...
this can also cover up any thread and hot glue that might show in the middle.
I used a berry from one of those loose branches you can get at the craft store. 
Buttons would work as well or just a plain felt circle.

I'm sorry I'm so bad at directions.
In any case, I think these little gals are very pretty don't you? 
This year they're going to be all over my house once I get around to decorating. 
I've made them in white with red centers and red with red centers. 
I have mainly put them on wreaths...
but this little one ended up on a hair barrette for my friends delicious little newborn girl.

(Dar- if you're reading this... this is for baby Felicity!)

Stay tuned for some projects involving felt poinsettias.

This was kind of a popular post so I've decided to link it up to Casey Wiegand's blog.

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bird and tree said...

what a neat idea! I love felt crafts...I made all felt ornaments one year... !!!! Thanks for this diy! Love your blog!


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