Tuesday, December 6, 2011

{ get to know: jac from babEblessings }

Jac is such a sweet girl... 
She's currently doing a series of "100 Days of Gratitude" posts
which is set to end in January... on her sweet little boy's birthday. 
Get to know her here and then head on over there.

Tell us a little something about yourself
I’m Jac, married for 3 years to the most amazing man in my world, Brian. 
We have a little boy Grayson that joined us in January of this year. I decided to go back to work
early (in Canada we get a full year maternity leave), so I’m back working in finance.

What is a typical day in your life like?
Oh goodness – where to start. At the beginning I guess.
Gray wakes up at about 6:30/7am depending, some mornings I’m at the gym and Brian is home
with G till I get home. Gray and I have some snuggles while he eats and then we get ready fro
work. Gray goes to ‘school’ aka daycare, and I’m off to work. I run around with my head cut off
trying to keep my desk clean and tidy among the craziness that is my job, taking a few breaks to
pump, and then I pick Gray up from ‘school’ at 5pm. Then it’s dinner for G and dinner for us. We
have swimming lessons one night a week, and I go to yoga one night a week. We try and always
have family time in the evenings that we’re all home. Do bath time together, and stories while
Gray eats before bed. And then bed time at 8! I am so thankful that we did sleep training with G.
And then I get to blog or do dishes or make baby food for a few hours before we head to bed to
start all over again the next day.

What are your favorite and most dreaded home chores? Why?
I strongly dislike chores and we don’t have a lot of spare time to do much, so we hired a cleaning
lady. I think the one thing that I really prefer not do is laundry, especially Gray’s laundry. Which
makes me even more thankful that Brian doesn’t mind doing it.

Do you have any fool-proof housekeeping tips you can share?
Vinegar is my best friend when it comes to cleaning. I use it for everything. It’s great on laundry,
and cleaning anything. I love that it’s fine for G to play with things right 
after I’ve cleaned them and it’s not harmful for him.

You haven’t had time to cook all day but there’s no money in the budget for take-out. 
What do you do?
Possibly throwing something from the freezer into the oven, or go through the covers. I’ve been
doing this a bit more these days, menu planning hasn’t been happening much. The other week I
ended up making coconut pad thai, and it was great.

What is your biggest culinary success?
Brian and I are HUGE foodies – well we were before we had a baby and have no time to cook
gourmet food. I think the best dish we have prepared is pumpkin ravioli with béchamel sauce.
It is absolutely amazing and we keep going back to make it. We included it in the Thanksgiving
meal we cooked for my mom and dad, and Brian’s mom and stepdad the first fall we were

What moment do you look forward to each day?
There are two moments that I look forward to every day. 4:45 when I ring the doorbell at
daycare and Gray has a huge smile when he realizes it’s me at the door, and 8:01pm when he
falls asleep in my arms after nursing and is sheer perfection. Those moments make my heart
melt and make all the stress of the day melt away.

How do you get through the tough days? Do you have any secret tips to staying sane?
My bathtub is my sanity some days. That and a good cup of tea. Being back at work and the
teething that G’s been going through means that there are more than a few days when I need
some sanity. So I grab my laptop, a good cup of tea and head to the bathtub. If I’m at work
I try to think about G’s big smiles when I go to pick him up. It helps get through those rough

What brings you joy? Where do you find hope?
Brian and Grayson are my joy – 100%. I love watching Brian play with Gray in the evenings. Brian is a
natural, he has been since day one. And I love to see their eyes light up when they're playing. It makesy heart sing. My friends are my hope some days. I’m super blessed that two of my best friends arepart of our worship team, one of them is the coordinator, so when I’m having a rough rough day I
email them that I need a pick me up and they send on over the songs.

What advice would you give a girl the day before she was to get married?
Marriage is hard work, but it’s worth it. Brian and I are continuously working on our marriage.
Let me clarify. Our marriage has never been in trouble, and we will never let it get to the point
that it is. We work every day to make sure we’re choosing the right tone in which to speak to
each other, and finding value in every moment we spend together. Some days are harder than
others, especially when you have a baby and get little to no sleep, but every day is worth it.

What advice would you give your 18-year-old self?
He’s worth the wait. I grew up in a small community where all the girls were married off by 20,
if not sooner, so being single at 18 and never in love was hard. But when I met Brian for the
first time I knew. After a few dates I knew that he was the man I was going to marry and spend
forever. He’s the man that God created to be my husband.


Melanie Spencer said...

Gee Jacqueline you seem to have a "PERFECT" life!!! That makes it harder for the rest of us to measure up! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Such a wonderful, amazing life you have with your new little one and very handsome husband!!! Perfetion!
You are truly blessed!

Jennifer Miller said...
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