Friday, December 9, 2011

{ lovely things } week of 12/5

Is it just me or has this week been terribly long? 
Maybe it's because my birthday was all the way at the end (today :) 
and I was subconsciously really looking forward to it. 
I usually don't look forward to birthdays... 
they're just like any other day except you can say you're older.  
This year hasn't really been any different 
except for the fact that I haven't even had much time to think about it.
That's not to say I am ever grateful for another year of life. 

In any case... here are some things I'd like to share with you from this week.

a. This guest post on Simple Organized Living by Sarah from Clover Lane really touched my heart. She puts into words just how simple motherhood can be if we allow it to be.

b. I just found out (via Ma Nouvelle Mode) that Google is doing away with Google Friend Connect. That means you will no longer be able to "follow" blogs through the little gadget on my sidebar. My thoughts are mixed on this and I will share later. I'll be moving on to Facebook so if you're not a Facebook follower yet, make sure you go to my page and like it to get updates.

c. I love love love this "home is where your husband is" print from ModMemento. The shop owner, Bri, is a fellow sponsor at Royal Daughter Designs.

d. Speaking of Royal Daughter Designs, I want to go to the craft store, buy a porcelain pen, and make these personalized coffee mugs for myself

e. It's my 24th bithday today... so what's so lovely about it? Let me give you a list: breakfast and coffee thanks to my husband, an uninterrupted shower, a stroll through town, Starbucks coffee, pizza for the little guy (and a few stolen bites for me), guiltless computer time, new sweater tights, and (later on) date night with my hot husband. 

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