Friday, December 2, 2011

{ lovely things } Week of 12/2

I know I know. I was totally lame last week and forgot to do a lovely things post. 
Well... I'm back. Get off my case.

Finally it's December and the temperatures have lowered. 
Am I crazy to be happy about that?
I was dreading a December in flip flops. It just seemed wrong to me. 
In any case... it didn't happen. 
I welcomed the 12th month in yoga pants, sweats, and sneakers. 
Ain't no shame.

I'll stop babbling. Here's a few things... including some extra to make up for last week.

a. Advent. I found Advent. This is the first year that I have a true desire to reflect on the season. True story. More on that later. There are so many great ideas for calendars and activities to include kids in the preparation for the birth of the Lord but I'm head over heels the look of this one  and these activities. I'll have to keep them in my Pinterest board until the Snake is a bit older.

b. A recipe for chocolate peanut butter cookies that is just deliciously geat.

c.The December Anthropologie catalog was patiently waiting in my mailbox today. 
I love the outfit on page 14.

d. YES! I have shutters that are just perfect for this card holder

e. Will I have time to make some of these button wreath ornaments
What about these yarn ball ornaments?

f. I rocked black and brown combinations all weekend last weekend 
because I'm kind of obsessed with the fact that  that "rule" is long gone. 
So I'm going to try to put together an outfit like this one.

g.A tutorial for a felt flower  that I am using to make a yarn wreath for the front door.

Have a great weekend! 
We're spending tomorrow with Phil's family for their annual play & dinner Christmas celebration. 
It's our gift every year from his parents. 
Chinese food and Secret Santa. 
That's what I always look forward to. 

What about you? Do you have any big plans?

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Jeanine Juth said...

I like the look in page 31. I think you'd rock that pantsuit or whatever the heck it's called.


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