Monday, December 19, 2011

{ a special get to know from my friend alyss ! }

Well you'll see in a minute that this isn't the regular Monday post.
Instead of the regular ol' Get To Know questions, 
I asked my friend Alyss from Roots
to write a little something about what Christmas is like in her world. 

Alyss is such a fun, young mama... her little boy, Jude, is the cutest little guy! 
I wish we didn't live on opposite coasts because 
I'm pretty sure our boys would be great pals if we lived closer together.

I'm so glad Alyss sent this over this morning 
because I really needed some encouragement to get me through the next hectic week. 
I am seriously hoping her glass-is-always-half-full attitude rubs off on me. 
Read on, my friends! Thanks Alyss.

1. Christmas Adam means the day before Christmas Eve. You know, 'cause Adam came before Eve?
2. I start playing Christmas music in July.
3. I could live off of cookies, ice cream, and all things sugary.
4. We have a lot of mixed family situations between my husband and I.
5. My idea of a great party is one where all my worlds collide.
Bonus 6: I love lists.

Ok so now that we've gotten that out of the way, 
here's another list that I'm gonna throw at you (See #6). 
Here's what my Christmas season looks like:

1. Christmas weekend before: cookie party with friends 
and Alex's aunts, uncles, and cousins at our place.
2. Christmas Adam afternoon: breakfast with my mother-in-law at her place 3 hours away.
3. Christmas Eve morning: brunch with father-in-law and husband's siblings at our place.
4. Christmas Eve night: dinner with parents, sister, and grandma at her place.
5. Christmas early morning: hubs, son, and me quiet time at home.
6. Christmas normal morning: coffee and gifts with parents and sister at their place.
7. Christmas mid morning: controlled chaos with dad's family at my parents' place.
8. Christmas afternoon to evening: dinner at my grandpa's house with his wife's family.
9. Christmas late night: collapse amongst torn wrapping paper and kid toys at our house.

As you can see, Christmas is nothing short of busy. We decorate those cookies like there's no tomorrow the weekend before Christmas. We surround ourselves with the people we don't get to see on actual Christmas day. We pack the presents into the car early Christmas Adam morning, throw together a few bags worth of clothes and supplies for our little fam, and wiggle ourselves into our seats ready for some serious driving and hauling. We say our prayers for please-God-no-tantrums as we leave the house early Christmas morning, ready for cheeks to be pinched. And we gussy ourselves up for a not so kid friendly Christmas dinner.

Then we collapse at home. Our pillow talk is always the same that night.
"I can't believe Christmas is already over."
"Whew, that was crazy."
"Wow, our parents outdid themselves again."
And lastly...
"Wanna slow it down a bit next year?.... Yeah, me neither."

My personality has always tilted toward the I-want-to-do-it-all side. Christmas is no exception.
It's a magical holiday and I want to experience that magic with every person that I love.
There's happiness and glee and joy and every other synonym you can think of on December 25th.
On that day, I fill my tank for the year.
I basically stock pile so that I can keep that Christmas magic with me for the next 365 days.
Can you truly imagine if you treated every day like it was Christmas?
Gave a little grace to those people that constantly need extra grace. Youknowwhoimtalkinabout. Gave before receiving. Smiled despite the family drama. Enjoyed the day despite life's struggles.
Celebrated the birth of our Lord Savior.
What if we treated 365 days of the year as if it were Jesus' birthday?
His birth was the birth of hope for His people. Why save that for only one day of celebration?
Let's extend Christmas beyond December 25th.
This Sunday, stock pile that happiness and that joyful celebration.
Lord knows that's what I'll be doing. Merry Christmas friends!

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Alyss said...

Thanks for having me friend!


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