Wednesday, December 7, 2011

{ what i wore }

Hi! I am Esther. 
Please excuse my awkward camera presence when I take pictures of myself.

Disclaimer: I firmly believe cameras are not meant for self-portraiture 
but my husband wasn't home so I had to give into it. 
It was clearly an emergency.

I wore a rosette headband from Pink Lemonade
Remember I won a giveaway from Sandy a la Mode
I absolutely love it. Seriously... 
I had to run out to a last minute doctors appointment on this day
and I threw my hair up in a tight bun and put the headband on. 
It was like magic. All of a sudden I looked put together.

The rest of the outfit was mostly thrifted...
a J.Jill loose sweater and jeans. 
Fake pearls from God knows where 
(but I assure you they were no more than $3)

and my favorite ever shoes...
my mom bought them for me two years ago from Anthropologie for
(....wait for it)
Yes $10. Ridiculous, right?
I wear them all the time.

That's it. Okay. I hope to never have to take pictures of myself again.

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Conni said...

cute outfit, and you look great in the self portraits!! Love the headband!

cristin luea said...

Amen to looking put together! I feel that my haircut automatically makes me look older that 18. Yes!

Unknown said...

haha you did a fabulous job!!!!! but agreed i dont like taking photos of myself so put the hubby to work!!! you look FABULOUS! said...

beautiful!! i am not a fan of the camera, but you are a natural!!! ;)

Natalia Lynn said...

You are so cute! I love your blog! I am so glad you found mind so I could find yours. I will definitely be following, so you can see that number go up! I totally understand what you were saying about that. I will miss the excitement, but not the stress of when it doesn't! :)


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