Tuesday, January 3, 2012

{ lovely things } first week of the year!

Hi friends! Lovely Things is back to kick off the weekend :)
Are you doing anything fun? Hope so.
We're just hoping to get some home improvement projects done 
when we're not hanging out with friends. 
Lots of hanging out going on this weekend! Yay!


Here's a few things that I am crushing on this week. 

a. Being organized is difficult. I feel like I am constantly making lists... but seriously this is the mother-load of lists right here... a daily schedule by Rachel at Family Ever After. I need to write one up for myself. I want to make one like now.

b.The No Brainer Wardrobe e-book was released this week. Hayley of The Tiny Twig Goes Out on a Limb (absolutely great blog btw) put this together to help women dress well, confidently, and without spending too much cash. I read the first chapter and loving it. As soon as I get an hour or two to myself, I'll be purchasing this baby and soaking it all in.

c.Swooning over these aprons from Ruby Jean. I would get this "house apron".

d.the January Anthropologie catalog. 'Nuff said.

e.I started a Pinterest personal "style" board that I can look at when I say "I have nothing to wear" which is, like, every day.


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