Friday, January 27, 2012

{ lovely things } week of 1/23

It's getting nutty around here. 
T-2 weeks until we're off to a sunny place we love.
To make up for that nuttyness 
my awesome hubby asked my mom to babysit Jake-the-Snake overnight.
I didn't even have to suggest it! Smart man.

a. we're going bowling tonight! i know we're dorks. 
but i'd be even dorkier if i rocked this ring, though. i'm going to order it in time for next time. 

b. i'm pretty sure this blog is intended for men 
but this post on christ centered friendships spoke to me nonetheless. 

c. i love finding new blogs. this week i've been soaking in tico and christina 
because he's costa rican and she's american... like us but the opposite. 

d.i think my nephews and brothers-in-law and husband 
would love this collection of photographs of Star Wars storm troopers in unexpected scenarios 
bSwedish photographer Kristina Alexanderson .  

e. This is true... especially the last part. 

1 comment:

TicoTina said...

so stoked we were able to find each other! =)


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