Tuesday, January 3, 2012

{ one word for '12 }

Recently (like in the last three days) 
I've been introduced to the idea of choosing a word to focus on throughout the year.
To me it seems much better than making resolutions
because those end up being forgotten by mid-February anyway.
So I decided to be a little copy cat and choose a word for myself.

This is it:

There are so many things I want to accomplish this year.

Some tangible goals are:
.:: Finally running a race, even if it's a 5K ::.
.:: Shedding those 5 pounds I've gained in the last two months before February 11 ::.
(How come it's so easy to gain but so hard to lose?) ::.
.:: Cleaning out my email inbox ::.

Some way of life changes I would like to make are:
.:: Praying daily ::.
.:: Getting up before Jake to pray and work. ::.
.:: Eating healthier. Buying more organic produce. Eating smaller portions. 
Eliminating high fructose corn syrup in our diet ::.
.:: Doing daily activities with Jake to enhance and encourage his learning ::.
.:: Getting back into a cleaning schedule ::.
.:: Minimizing anxiety + finding peace ::.
.:: Growing this little blog ::.
 .:: Answering emails in a timely manner ::.

Man, now that I write these things all down, it seems like a lot. 

My tangible goals are totally reachable if I work really hard at them. I know that for sure.
It's the way of life changes that give me a pitatthebottomofmystomach feeling
because they require so much self-discipline.
So much thinking and planning.
They require doing all things intentionally...
knowing where my next step will be.
Knowing where I should go, what I should read, and what I should do 
in order to make these things just normal every day happenings. 

Self-discipline will be the only thing that keeps me from turning the tv on for Jake-the-Snake
instead of reading a book or doing a project.
Self-discipline will be the only thing that keeps me from catching a few more zz's 
when the alarm goes off at 7am so I can get up to pray and start the laundry.
Self-discipline will be the only thing that will make me scrub the toilet,
when, let's face it, I never feel like doing that.

So here's to the year of self-discipline, my friends!
A year when I hope to deny my flesh of its desires
in order to choose the right thing all the time.

PS: I totally copied Ma Nouvelle Mode + Adventuroo
both of whom's words I could totally work on too.


Unknown said...

Such great aspirations for the new year!

Also, I was quite taken with your lovely rosette earrings that you wore at the family party... do you mind sharing your source?!

Michelle@ourwonderfilledlife.com said...

I love this and am right there with you. Your last two posts, so beautiful, they all are, but I think we have very similar non-lists ;) I will be praying for you and again, just loving it!!!


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