Wednesday, January 18, 2012

{ what i wore to church }

I love the color white and all its shades included.
White tops are part of my basic wardrobe and totally go-to pieces.

On Sunday I dressed up a bit for church... usually we're sadly casual.
I came up with this monochromatic top, scarf, earring combination 
and totally loved it. 
Well, everything except the boring pants and shoes. 
I hate boring shoes.
But I have to tell you that it was freezing cold 
and there was no way I was rocking pumps or a skirt. 
No. Not even with tights. 
Later in the day I changed into jeans and Uggs.
I love me some Uggs.  

 My white Pink Lemonade rosette earrings have replaced my pearls. 
Wanna know one good thing about bangs? Click here.

Did I mention I hate boring shoes? Well, I do.

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Paige said...

very cute and I can't wait to click on the why bangs are great link!


amy and jesse hudson said...

You look stunning! It's great to be able to create such great looks by taking that one extra minute to think about it. I would love for you to consider linking this up to my “Drab to Fab” party ever Friday at my blog Sugar and Spice. The theme of the party is taking what’s basic and ordinary and making it look great. You embodied that with this post! Here’s a link to check it out:

Hope to see you Friday!

Amy @ Sugar and Spice

Unknown said...

Hi Esther! Thanks for checking out my blog and for following (and for the lovely compliments! : )).

I'm following back and look forward to getting to know you better.

P.S. Love the white on white on white (espesh those earrings...super-pretty!)

I would love it you linked up with my Feature Friday Free-for-All, and you can even stop by tomorrow to share a little about yourself at our 5 Things Thursday Getting to Know You party. The theme is "Hopes and Dreams."

(You can write out a post with 5 hopes/dreams to let us know a little more about you, or just leave a comment).

Hope to see more of you, Esther! :)


Unknown said...

you look so pretty!

Stephanie said...

You look beautiful. I'm intrigued about the and bangs don't geehaw!

Stephanie said...

Oh, too funny! Now I wish me and bangs DID get along! lol


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