Thursday, February 23, 2012

{ book review : the rules of inheritance }

hi guys! i'm just popping in to tell you about a great book. i hope you don't mind.
there's more on the whole "traveling with a toddler" topic coming!
( i'm not yet done traveling )

| unrelated picture of a gorgeous sunset we caught on mal pais beach|

the blogher book club was so nice to provide me with reading material for my vacation.
on a side note, i just have to say,
you may love your nook and what not but i personally love me some good old paper pages
there's nothing like sitting in a hammock and reading the afternoon away

any whooo, while it's not exactly a carefree beach read
i couldn't get my hands off the rules of inheritance by clare bidwell smith last week.

the book is a work of non-fiction with names having been changed to protect real life people.
it's a sort of auto-biography based around the author's struggles, challenges, and grieving
after her parents were both diagnosed with cancer within a month of each other
... when she was 14

"i realized i would be parentless by 30,"  claire writes.

it's tragic, really. i wanted to bring this girl out of the book and hug her.
mother her. tell her it's ok. advise her. lead her away from self-destruction.
i wanted to bring her parents back.

well, really, i wanted to whole story to not be real and not to happen to anyone... ever. 

let's just say that it's raw and intense.
to say the least.

what touched me most was claire's realization that 
she couldn't change her life
she had no choice but to play the cards she'd been dealt.
in that moment, i felt as though she mustered up some courage that she didn't know she had.

and as silly as it may seem, i also felt as though i also drew some courage from her realization too.

we have one life to live 

no way to run away from it
no choice but to be brave

ain't that right, guys?

if you're considering reading this book 
don't worry
it's not one of those boring, chronological autobiographies

actually, claire sets it up to follow the five stages of the grieving process 
and within those five sections of the book
she tells stories, moments even, 
that relate to that stage in different points in her life.
she may be 14 at one point, 19 another, and 25 on the next page.

definitely keeps the reader interested.
well, at least that's what it did to me.

Disclosure: This is a paid review from the BlogHer Publishing Network,
however all the opinions I share are my own.


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