Wednesday, February 8, 2012

{ diaper rash solution }

Guys. There's been a lot of nudity around here lately.
Before your mind goes places... it's not as exciting as it sounds.
It's just Jake-the-Snake walking around in his birthday suit.
Why, you ask?
He's been having the worst diaper rashes.
The worst I tell you.
His poor little bum. 

I started reading up on rashes and..
did you know rashes are totally normal?
Like "to be expected" kinda normal.

Imagine being wet several times a day.
Then imagine all the moisture and acidity from number twos.
Then add the chemicals in diapers.

Not a good combination.

Before I start driving myself nuts with guilt for not using cloth diapers,
I decided to take up Dr. Sears on one of his easiest recommended home remedies:

Letting that little bum air out.

Of course this is all to be combined with other good diaper changing practices:
Changing them immediately.
Washing his rear with water.
and ample diaper cream.

It has been the best solution here.

The knowledge that comes with motherhood.
Who woulda thunk?

Of course there are diaper rashes that are not normal
and should be checked by a doctor so, you know, trust your instinct!

As a side note:
Phil and I were wondering why Jake-the-Snake's diaper was so incredibly wet so often.
Well, I certainly discovered the reason.
Did you know kids pee like ever five seconds?
I cleaned up five puddles in five minutes the other day.
Then I learned it's best to wrap the boy in a towel, put a show on tv,
and keep him very warm whenever I keep his diaper off.


Dear Boys Love Mom said...

That's very interesting! If you decide to use a diaper rash cream, you should check out burts Bee's. I love that stuff.

jaclyn said...

my favorite butt cream is from a company called Northern Essence. It is the awesomest thing ever and clears up diaper rashes in a matter of hours. Not kidding. Joy uses it too and loves it for her sensitive skin kiddies. That reminds me, I am do to place an order for more from them. Naked time is really good though. Poor baby :(

jaclyn said...

ps: if it makes you feel better, I have several friends who switched back from cloth to disposable diapers because the cloth were irritating their baby's tushies too much

Carolyn said...

great idea! just one question: how do you protect your house from pee?! haha


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