Monday, February 20, 2012

{ guest post : hannah on color }

while i'm away on vacation, i've asked a few of my favorite people to write some guests posts.
hannah is visiting today. 
her blog, happy days, is one of my go-to's when i'm in need of uplifting.
she's cheerful, honest, faithful, and joyful.
her personality is totally reflected in her home 
so i asked her to share a little bit about that.
soak her in, friends, she's a gem!


hello, sweet friends of esther!
it's a joy to be stopping by today! isn't esther's blog a treat?

i have a little winter survival tip for you.
or a life survival tip, if you're like me.
god designed this world we live in with an incredibly colorful palette.
and i adore it all!
i am so grateful for the gift of sight, aren't you?

color in the wardrobe, even color in meals i prepare-very important to me.
the main place i let the colors flow is in my home decor.
we live in north dakota, winters are l o n g and crazy cold. this means a lot of time indoors.
i've found that incorporating color in my home really helps keep the winter insanity at bay.
so far, we've lived only in rented homes. this gives me limited reign in the decorating process.
since we are unable to choose paint colors, i do what i can to cheer up our off-white walls.
most of our furniture is second-hand, and not what i would pick out if shopping for it myself.
thankfully, most of our things are in fine condition 
and we are pleased as punched with anything at all!
of course, like you, i have dreams for future decorating.
many of those dreams live on pinterest for now.

so, back to color. i've learned that some folks are shy with it. especially in their homes.
i say, go for it! maybe begin in small doses.
paint one wall. a side table. add colorful linens. baby steps if you need to!
create and collect things you love.
decide which colors make you the happiest, and start there.

one of my favorite sites for color inspiration is design seeds. check it out!
may want to set a timer for yourself. otherwise you'll be there all night. i've heard that anyway.
they've got the tools to help you find your color favorites.

while i appreciate tones of nature quite a bit, i am more often drawn to brights:

i have very eclectic taste. typically i choose a piece on color rather than style.
vintage, modern, handmade, big retailer...
anything goes in my home. as long as it's colorful and useful.
whether it's bedding, dishes, or wall decor, i try to mix in as much happy color as possible.
on my blog i shared a peek into my kitchen.
i spend a lot of time there, so i try to keep it cheerful and inspiring.

i snapped a few other examples with my phone camera:

one thing i know. it really doesn't matter what things you have.
anything that is a reflection of you and your taste will be beautiful.
and that will make your home a lovely, happy place to be any season of the year.
even something small, like a few colorful coffee mugs or bright shower curtain can really bring the smiles.
and sunny up you. certainly your surroundings ought not to determine your mood. but.
living in an environment that is cheerful and pleasing to the eye
can really help you focus on what is important!

does your home need more color?
try choosing something bright next time your bath towels need to be replaced.
go for the red toaster when your plain white one bites the dust.
spray paint a few of those brown picture frames.
take a look around your home, i bet you've already got some color hiding. rearrange and let it shine!


Carina Schoen said...

love this! love hannah, love you, happy to read this. we all need a little color, i think. happy monday!

grey rose (they/them) said...

thanks, carina:)
esther, it was a treat to be here!



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