Friday, February 17, 2012

{ lovely things } in costa rica !

hello from central america! 
we arrived in costa rica last saturday
and have gradually started enjoying our time here. 
it didn't start out so well. that's a tale for another time, i promise.

just a few hours ago we returned from our trip to cabuya village.
it's located on the tip of the nicoya peninsula right above cabo blanco reserve
facing the gulf of nicoya. 
can you find it on this map?

this is the house we stayed at. the website DOES NOT do it justice. i swear.
it's an open air concept cabin so we shared our stay with some little critters...
that took some getting used to but i survived.

since i didn't really surf the www this week 
i figured i'd do a picture post of the lovely things from my week. 

i have to say other than spending time with my handsome men this week
my second favorite thing has been my new 35 mm f/1.8g lens.
so glad i bought it before coming down here.

this picture is going down in history as one of my favorites forever.
also. i love my head wrap and haven't taken it off all week. 

love my kid spending time with grandpa 
he's only seen him once before when he was 4 months old.

catching a viewing of fish fileting and seeing this big head being chopped off

the snake reveling in the sand
my son. i shall pass on the art of beach bumming.

waking with the sun to enjoy 
granola + bananas in the outdoor dining room.
on the table. no problem.

family pictures by the sunrise

finding things like this shell in the front yard of our rental

walking to cabuya island during low tide
i still can't get over the whole walking to an island thing.

playing in the river lajos

touching gross gross gross things that i would otherwise not let him touch at home

do you know that i feel the luckiest girl in the world when i am down here?
sometimes phil and i stand side by side and say to each other
"isn't this unbelieveable?" 
"yes. we are so blessed."

we're starting the second part of our trip tomorrow.
the week filled with family visiting and more beach + pool time.

as i said. we are so lucky.

ps: yes the mosquitos feasted on my son. we're slowly healing. 
he's not itchy but my heart hurts when i see those bites. 
stupid bugs. 


TicoTina said...

looks like you're having an awesome time! I hope we get to meet up =)

Alyx said...

You are so beautiful! I love that first pic of you and your son. so perfect.
Looks like costa rica is treating you and your family well!


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