Thursday, February 2, 2012

{ lovely things } week of 1/30

um. I haven't blogged since last week.
that's insanity friends.
i love blogging. seriously. love. 
i've been busy working a ton since i wont be able to work at all in february.
i love that i have a job that i can leave for a whole month.
god is good i tell you.
i still surfed the interweb a bit here and there 
so i have some things to share.

here you go!

a. doesn't this crazy weather make you yearn for summer? 
i can't wait to have an intimate outdoor party!

b. watch this lovely video. just lovely i tell you.

c. i went shopping with my preggers best friend this weekend and she looked super duper adorable sporting that bump. no news here but i can't wait to wear cute clothes like this outfit again... and this.

d. this story touched me heart.  ashley is changing the world, i tell you.

e. i love you embroidered notebook paper. yes. yes. 

1 comment:

Sandy a la Mode said...

yes! this crazy warm weather is amazing and i want summer to be here already!


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