Friday, February 10, 2012

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Christina at Tico and Tina

creative. entrepreneurial. supportive.(just go with your first instinct, right? ha)

at our blog we're just a spicy Latino boy and a spunky Irish girl who want to glorify God through our art and who believe that Truth = freedom. we're bohemian yet mainstream; simple and real, but sophisticated; fun-loving yet analytical; epicurean, but very frugal/thrifty - a unified contradiction, which = pretty random. 
if you visit you'll read (and watch - we like videos) a journey of self-employment, travel, and moments of confusion or clarity as we try to just keep it real. come keep it real with us!

we really suck at watching movies, we're better at shows. lately we've been watching Mike & Molly, which we find kinda humorous for some odd reason. basically, we like to laugh together, so that wouldn't change on Valentines Day.

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Ashley at Sugar Mama Bakeshop

mega. sweet. tooth.

Sugar Mama Bakeshop is a blog about baking, crafting & party planning. Nearly every recipe is gluten free and vegan and I occasionally offer specials for my etsy shop! 

Best valentine's movie: 
Shrek! I just love any excuse to watch Shrek... and it's a great love story :) 

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