Thursday, February 9, 2012

{ traveling with a toddler : packing }

our little family recently took a trip to costa rica, where i am originally from.
i decided to write a couple of posts about the subject of traveling with a toddler.
somewhat hoping that it helps other moms and dads attempting to do the same,
but mostly as a way to analyze the entire experience.

for the whole sha-bang!, click here.


Hey guys! You know what I am thinking today?
It could be worse.

First of all, I could not have this cute little boy. 
That would definitely be worse. 
I could also not be packing for vacation. 
That would also be worse.

So I'm trying to see the bright side of it all 
-- I'm going on vacation with that little boy and his handsome papa!! --
instead of getting all flustered from all the things I need to do before we leave at 5am on Saturday.

Part of the bright side is that I am almost done packing. 
This whole task has been so daunting for me. 
I've been planning this endeavor for months.
Looking through bins of summer clothes, making shopping lists, 
getting suitcases out of storage, making plans of what goes in each suitcase,
rolling everything up to make the most of the luggage space.
The process takes sooo long.

I keep saying to myself:
How much stuff does one really need when going away for 18 days?
Let me tell you, when a baby is involved, you need a lot of stuff. 

Jake and I are flying back by ourselves because Phil has to come back to work
which means that everything for that little boy and myself has to fit comfortably in one suitcase 
that way I will have the ability to carry and push other things when I'm alone at the airport. 

Thankfully, diapers, wipes, and other things that will be used 
while were there can go in Phil's suitcase. 

This is an 18 day trip to Costa Rica, where I am from.
Our little family will be spending 5 days on vacation with my dad
and the rest of the time Jake and I are staying at my aunt's home and then back to my dad's.

What that means is that we can do laundry! Thank God. 
Can you imagine 18 days without washing clothes?

Also, while dining, lodging, and local arts and crafts are quite cheap,
real needs can be very pricey.
Last year I ran out of diapers and bought a pack of about 20 for $25
and let me tell you they were low low low quality.
Not doing that again (I hope).

Are you curious as to what we're bringing?
I figured I'd share what I'm lugging down for the boy.

Here's the list so far:

93 diapers (playing it safe, 18 days x 4 or 5 changes a day)
4 cases of 80 wipes and one half used
30 swim diapers
10 onesies (they double as pajamas when it's warm at night)
3 pajama sets
10 short sleeve t-shirts
7 pairs of shorts

1 dress shirt (for a family baptism)
1 pair of jeans
1 polo (for going to church 3 Sundays)
2 long sleeve t-shirts
1 sweatshirt
2 bathing suit bottoms (sometimes he hangs out in swim diapers)
3 rash guards
1 hat

Ergo carrier

Now that's just in the big suitcase. 
Do you think it's too much? Too little?

I'll have to do another post on what is going in the carry-on.
I'm very nervous about a 5 hour plane ride with a very active toddler. 
Won't you say a prayer for me? Pretty please!!

PS: Do you see Jake's belly?! Squishy squishy! I love it.
We call it "panza" around here. It's Costa Rican Spanish slang for belly.
Jake points to it when we say it. Cutest!!


jaclyn said...

I think Jake might be making a certain gesture in the first shot. lol.

Dear Boys Love Mom said...

I am always a paranoid packer. I always worry we wont have enough. That is awesome that yo will be able to wash things what you are there. Especially with a little one :)

You sounds like you are all set!

TicoTina said...

can TOTALLY relate. I kept thinking I was remembering our last time here wrong and that it couldn't be as cool, but I have wished many times I would have brought more long-sleeved stuff.

hopefully he'll do as well as our active toddler did on the flight! good luck!

The Arizona Russums said...

i cannot imagine packing for an 18 day trip with a baby, but how fun that you get to go see your family! and i am glad i was able to encourage you with giving/tithing. it's such an important way to serve our church and our neighbors!

Nicole said...

what?! do you know christina diller?! are you going to see them? what are you doing?

maybe i missed the answers to my questions in prior posts?! silly me.



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