Monday, February 13, 2012

{ When Brownie Met Double Stuffed Oreo }

While I'm away on vacation I asked a few of my favorite people to write some guests posts for me. 
I'm very excited for this first guest post because it's from one of my gal pals from high school.
We were often in the same English classes and even worked on the school newspaper together.
The staff affectionately combined her first name and her last name to call her MereCon 
and even though she's since gone and gotten herself a new last name,
she's still MereCon in my heart. Forever. 
When she got that much coveted prefix of "Mrs." 
she accepted her wifely role very seriously... in the kitchen!
She started posting pictures on FB of these mouthwatering creations she cooked up.
Finally she started a blog where she tries recipes that she finds on Pinterest and other sites
and then she writes down the pros and cons she encountered.
Isn't that a great concept?

If MereCon and I lived closer I am fairly certain I would spend every afternoon in her kitchen. 
Taste testing of course. 

Today she's sharing a treat for Valentines Day that looks incredibly good.

So here's my friend. Please check out her blog but first read what she has to say about
brownie covered oreos! 

(Excuse me while I wipe my drool.)


When Esther asked me to guest write for her blog this week, my response was embarrassingly
like a tween meeting Justin Bieber for the first time, “like O. M. Gee!!! I would love to!!!!!!.”
(Note: No exclamation points were harmed in the writing of this post). But seriously, writing for
Esther’s blog is my version of the Oscars, so here’s to hoping I don’t pull a James Franco.

But no James Franco bashing, this blog is about love and Valentine’s Day, and along with
Valentine’s Day comes a frenzy of Pinterest pins and blog posts about what to make for your
sweetheart, what treat will win the kids over, what food will prove deliciously tempting enough
to make all your Facebook friends jealous when you inevitably post your decadent creation to
your time line. Well have no fear because I have found that treat.

I have featured recipes from The Picky Palate several times on my blog, Foodie Blogs
Uncovered. What I like about her recipes is that they are fairly simple, yet creative. Also, she
isn’t afraid to throw in a box mix into her recipes, which I respect in a woman. Not everyone has
time to whip up an entire cake or batch of brownies from scratch!

Anyway I found this recipe for “Brownie Covered Oreos” while perusing Pinterest and after
pinning it and subsequently getting bombarded by repins in the span of an hour (women really
like chocolate), I knew I had found my Valentine’s Day foodie experiment. So without further
adieu, here is the recipe straight from the Picky Palate:

Brownie Covered Oreos

1 Brownie mix (or use your own brownie recipe)
1 package Oreos, I used the Holiday ones
White chocolate, melted for drizzle, or Wilton White frosting pen works great
White nonpariels Sprinkles


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Prepare brownie batter according to package
directions. Leave in mixing bowl. Dip Oreos in brownie batter then place in bottom
of cupcake tins that have been generously sprayed with cooking spray. Bake for 12-
15 minutes, until brownies are cooked through (doesn’t take long). As soon as you
remove, take a plastic knife and run along edges, (this is VERY important so you
get the cookie out with brownies not stuck to pan
Let cool for 5 minutes, remove drizzle with melted white chocolate or the Wilton
White icing pen, sprinkle with nonpariels and EAT! Enjoy
Makes entire package of Oreos


….oh sorry I’m still stuffing my face with these dangerous desserts, but they are just SO
good. I am no scientist, so the fact that the Oreo stays firm inside the softness of the baked
brownie baffles me, but it does! It really does! They are so yummy, not messy, and hold up very

well for a couple of days. Another positive is the actual writing of the recipe. I found it very easy
to follow and was thankful for her tip about running a plastic knife (or in my case mini spatula)
along the edge of the brownies when they first come out of the oven. You MUST do that! They
will stick to the pan if you don’t! If you are looking to cut corners that step is not the time to do

Also, and she doesn’t note this, but as a general baking rule, bake one tray at a time, don’t put
two trays in the oven, one on the bottom rack one on the top, because they will bake unevenly.
It is a pain, but take the time to bake each batch individually so you can insure they are baked to
your liking.


The only real issue I seemed to have is that for the Oreos that didn’t have more brownie
mix on the bottom, they tended to be a bit overdone. I would suggest using a little more brownie
mix on the bottom so that it doesn’t cook faster than the top. Also, take them out a bit underdone.
My first batch came out at around 15 minutes and they were a tad overcooked, the second batch I
took out at 12 minutes and they were perfection.

Also choose your brownie mix wisely. I learned the hard way (aka several broken Oreos later)
that super thick fudge like brownie mix is going to be very difficult to dip Oreos in. I would
suggest just using a normal box mix without “Triple Thickness” or anything like that advertised
on it.

Revisions: I couldn’t find holiday Oreos (upsetting) so instead I used regular Double Stuffed and
purchased red icing to decorate the top to stay in the Valentine’s Day theme. I also found these
pearl sprinkles that were a fun way to glam up the brownies.

This was a definitely foodie win in my book. These are fun and easy treats that you could make
for a special someone or have a good time decorating with your kids. Be warned though, they
do make about 24 so make sure you have a lot of people handy to give these away to or you are
going to have a lot of treats to polish off on your own (which is maybe not the worst thing in the

If you are still looking for more dessert ideas for Valentine’s Day, here are three other options:

“Chocolate Wasted Cake”, which you could also call “Chocolate Crazy Cake!” for the kiddos.
This cake is rich and delicious and you can definitely get creative with your decorating. Throw
some Valentine’s Day M and M’s, maybe some of those ridiculous hearts with sayings on them,
and you have yourself one festive cake!

“Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies”: Yes, same idea as the above post, but just as delicious.
Grab some red icing (or for those lucky ones that have a supermarket that sells red Oreos) and
you have one delicious holiday-themed dessert.

“S’mores Brownies”: For the non-conformists amongst us who just want a tasty treat with no
gimmick, here’s the dessert for you. After several failed attempts at finding a good online recipe
to revamp the campfire favorite, I finally found my answer in this dessert.

Thank you f or taking the time to read my post and to Esther for allowing me to invade her
blogosphere for a day. Happy baking and for more recipes (or to share how your dessert pick
turned out) come on over and visit me at Foodie Blogs Uncovered!


Patrice said...

Yay! So glad that Meredith guest blogged for you, Esther. I was lucky enough to attend Meredith and Kevin's wedding. Following her on the road to domestic goddess-hood has been a blast.

jennifer blair said...

Oh my goodness! I must make these!


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