Thursday, March 8, 2012

{ book review : diary of a mad fat girl }

with a title like 
diary of a mad fat girl
by stephanie mcafee
who wouldn't want to read this book?
i was immediately enticed and so eager to get to it.

so get to it i did!

i'm a sucker for girly fiction stories. 
a sucker i tell you.
if they're sad... even better. nothing like a good cry to soak those pages.

but this book was not sad. it was hilarious.
ok... it had a few more curse words thrown in than i would usually be ok with
and at some point it seems all they talk about is sex
i'm not justifying it but i think i enjoyed the book because 
the story is so different than what my life is like.
isn't that the best thing about books?
stepping into another reality, even if for a second.

in this book (i feel like) i met 
ace jones, lilly lane, mason mckenzie, chloe stacks
and ethan allen -i forget his last name bc his first names were just too darn funny-
among other supporting characters that bring twists and turns to the story 

they're thirty something and single.
they're teachers, school counselors, lawyers, + bar owners.

they live in the south. 
and i just loved feeling like i was in ace's hot house with her little chiweenie dog right smack in the middle of the heated day. sweating and drinking beer. watching tv. doing not much at all.

i love books like this because of their potential to just go anywhere.
it's fiction. anything goes. 

the author introduces an older woman who embraces the group.
she's loaded and a little bit nosy,
aware of all the local happenings,
literally because she has surveillance cameras set u about town.
how crazy is that? that ONLY happens in a fictional book.
(i hope)

oo, oo! i also fell in love with mason mckenzie.
seriously, that ace jones was crazy. that boy loved her. 
you have to read the book to know what i'm talking about...
and feel the same way.

diary of a mad fat girl is a funny, light read.

to find out more about the book go here and meet the author here.

Disclosure: This is a paid review from the BlogHer Publishing Network,
however all the opinions I share are my own.

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