Wednesday, March 28, 2012

{ long days + helping hands }

Sometimes my days seem to draaaaag on…
and these days  they seem to be even longer
since I lie in bed awake for 15 or 20 minutes every three hours.

The daily schedule, though, doesn’t halt.
I’m drained at the end of the day.

Up until November my hubs had a job that allowed him to help out in the morning
AND he’d be home early enough to let me make dinner alone.

He changed jobs in November and he’s out of the house for 12 or 13 hours a day, 
including a 5 hour commute.

I know he’s nuts. We’re nuts.
But he enjoys his job and we have decided it’s worth the sacrifice.

I can complain a lot about it though.
It’s a long day to be alone with a toddler
while trying to do the cleaning, cooking, shopping, etc.
What makes it harder is that I know what it’s like on the other end
to have a husband that’s home more.

Not that Phil doesn’t help…. Seriously he’s SO helpful.
He does bath time and bedtime. He helps with laundry or whatever I ask him to do.

But I wish we had more leisurely family time.

I often ask him if we can move closer to his job
So that he can be home more.
It would mean we’d be 2 hours away from our families.

Sometimes I don’t care.

 And sometimes I have moments like I did today 
and I realize that I would be crazy to leave the support system we have here.

This week I was able to drop of Jacob at my sister in law’s so I could go food shopping alone.
We had free babysitting for an evening so Phil and I could go to a meeting together.
My mother in law took Jacob for an entire day so that I could work.
Then my mom offered to take Jake overnight this weekend so we could have a date night.

We are abundantly blessed by helpful and willing hands around us.

While Phil’s job might be a bit more demanding than we are used to
the trade off of staying put in a place where we are comfortable

is being able to count on so many people who love us and happily show it. 

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TicoTina said...

it is sooooo helpful to have the extended family support system, especially when the kids are younger!!! I sure do not envy you that semi-single mom status, though, that is frustrating.

Carina Schoen said...

having family nearby can be such a lifesaver. but i know what you mean. sometimes you can go through a whole day and realize you haven't spoken with another adult and you look around and you're like, "what did i do again?" but those little faces and sweet souls - that's what you're doing and it's a remarkable task. you are a great mama!


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