Friday, March 23, 2012

{ lovely things } week of 3/19

well. i wont claim that i'm back for good. 
but at least for this week here are some lovely things.

while i was going to share a little bit about our week and upcoming weekend
i hear a little guy that's up from his nap.
so i'm off to resume my motherly duties.
but you... you just sit there and peruse the internet.
then get outside and enjoy this beautiful day!

a. i love the uneven hemlines that are coming out in dress designs! this dress from threadsence is so pretty.. although i dont think i can pull off the sides/back. i need a little more fabric to cover up!

b. i have doggie fever. that's right. i beg phil for a dog on a frequent basis. 
this video does not help one bit.

c. i bet you didn't know that i love tattoos. i have just one but if i was braver 
(and my husband didn't object) i would have as many as melanie from my billie 
and i would tell you all about them like she did on this post

d. ever since i read this post like two years ago i've been wanting to plant wheat grass to decorate around the house. maybe i'll get to it this weekend! it only takes a few days to grow and it's the right touch of spring... plus i can hide some easter eggs in there and call it easter decor! 


Sandy a la Mode said...

LOVE threadsence!!!

Anonymous said...

love the blog!

Très bien said...

Just entered a giveaway on the letter 4! Great blog!

Unknown said...

I just saw that you linked up to my tattoo post! Thank you so much Esther, that was really sweet!


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