Friday, March 30, 2012

{ lovely things } week of 3/25

I'm still flying high from sharing our big announcement earlier this week.
It's been wonderful to hear so many congratulations and see the joy in our families' faces.

I'm thrilled that the weekend is here so we can spend some time as a family.
It's going to include dinner with friends, a yummy date night, and brunch with more friends.
(Oh and a hopefully quick trip to the dept. of motor vehicles to renew my license. Ugh!)

What are you doing this weekend? 
Sit back and let these links lead you 
into some mindless leisure like every weekend should include.

a. Lindsay from Hello Hue found out she's having a boy and she's been finding some great boy things. The 25 Rules for Moms with Sons  was one of the links she tweeted this week and seriously it made me cry. How true they are! All of them. Seriously.

b. My brother-in-law Paul and sister-in-law Carolyn did an engagement photo shoot for my other brother-in-law Andrew and future sister-in-law Anna. Did you get that?? I married into a talented, good lookin' family FULL of celebrations. Can't wait A + A 's big day in December!

c. I love My Little Buffalo's design work. I'm asking myself what stationary I need so I can have an excuse to commission Lisa Nelson. Perhaps birth announcements?!

d. I'm writing an article for work about Pinterest and I've been discovering some interesting things about the social media site... like this interview with founder Ben Silbermann.

e. No lie, children's music makes me bonkers sometimes 
but the Pandora children's station is kind of awesome.


Unknown said...

We listen to the Children's Pandora playlist as well! They have some pretty hip tunes on there. :)

Lisa said...

yes please! i'd love to do your birth announcements :)

Unknown said...

Stopping by from the Letter 4+1 :) Great post -- and congrats on your big news!! :) xo, Reannah


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