Monday, March 12, 2012

{ mda muscle walk }

and why it means so much to me.
if you read that post you might have known that our 
muscle walk for mda 
took place yesterday.

the snake, phil, and i joined our good friend tricia
more widely known as trish-the-fish
at the prudential center 
where we were able to catch up on everything under the sun

then the walk started.

while sadly none of our former campers recognized us,
i'm always amazed to see be around them.
they smile and laugh with their families and friends.
they are happy to see other friends like them.

i was amazed by all the support these kids have.

phil, trish, and i (oh and jake)
were the smallest team by far

there were teams of 10, 20, and im sure even 30.
all people supporting their loved one suffering from md.

these events never fail to move me.

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