Saturday, March 3, 2012

{ support the muscular dystrophy association }

i'm here to ask for money. 
but it's for a good cause. 

for the muscular dystrophy association, especially their summer camp.
below, i tell you why it's a special organization to me.

( if you don't want to read on and simply donate click here )

the summer of 2006 was a rocky yet life changing and self-revealing time for me.

i had just graduated high school and had decided to take a year off to save money for school
but i was intensely depressed.
i realized that my life was going no where fast. 
my friends were all moving away one by one.
i drank way too much, way too often. 
i was lucky to have escaped many situations alive. 

i found myself alone facing these demons. 
and i was scared  but had no idea what to do.

i called the only person i knew that had his life together and could possibly show me some direction.

the guy that's now my husband.

while phil was puzzled as to why i was taking time off from school
he didn't question my decision too much. he had long before observed the same things in my life
and was waiting for me to realize i was toying with fire.
he took my decision as an opportunity to extend an invitation to serve.

the prior year phil had volunteered at a camp for kids with muscular dystrophy 
and he asked if i wanted to go with him.

i clearly had nothing better to do since i had no friends, no school, and no job. 
so i said yes, filled out the forms, and waited for phil to pick me up on a saturday morning.
i had no idea what the volunteer position entailed and i frankly didn't care.
i just wanted to do something with my life if even for a week.

if you don't know much about muscular dystrophy, i want to tell you a little bit
md is an inherited, muscle degenerating disease, meaning that as time progresses a person's muscles weaken and lose tissue. this results in eventually losing the ability to move limbs or make facial expressions and ultimately stops a beating heart. there are many, many types including duchenne (affecting 1 in 3600 boys) and becker (affecting 3 - 6 out of every 100,000 boys). Boys are most commonly outwardly affected while girls can be carriers without showing symptoms. 

Children with MD require very much assistance for every days tasks, often leaving parents and caregivers exhausted. For this reason the muscular dystrophy association summer camp is a blessing to both the child who gets to experience summer camp 
in setting that is suited to meet their needs 
and for parents who need a break.

those kids wheeled their little mobile chairs into my hard heart 
and quickly softened it with their fresh, happy, positive outlook on life. 

i saw in them a gratitude and zeal for living.
and i thought to myself, 
look at them, so happy for the mere opportunity to be alive,
to swim, to play ball, and even just to breathe
how can i not be grateful for my own life?

i was ashamed at my ingratitude towards god and his blessings.

phil and i returned to camp for two more years. 
it was a way for us to care for others and not ourselves
mda camps were highlights of our summers 
because putting smiles on those kids' faces was a most-rewarding experience. 

mda camp, and the whole organization, changed my life in a very personal and permanent way.
they have an ever so special place in my heart and that's why
we've remained in contact with the great people we met including some kids 
(check out one of my former camper's blog, Anthony's Abilities).

this year we're participating in a walk-a-thon to benefit the association.
if you can spare a few bucks, we would really appreciate if you can support our cause. 

you donate as little as you want

you can be assured that your money will make a different in the lives of many children.

thanks in advance, friends!

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TicoTina said...

we actually have a friend with this disease. he just turned 30 and has two kids almost exactly the ages of ours. I grew up with him, so I remember him being able to play sports and stuff, but thankfully he is degenerating pretty slowly. it's so cool that Phil kind of "rescued" you =)


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