Thursday, March 8, 2012

{ thankful thursday : play time}

What am I thankful for today? And always?

I feel like I’m writing one big cliché here but that’s ok. I don’t mind.

 Today I am especially thankful for my son, but specifically for time to play with him.

Recently I’ve realized that he’s pretty much a man now. He’s funny and he knows it. He’s good and he knows it.  He’s mischievous and he knows it. He’s cute… and boy does he know it.

And with that knowledge comes the beginning of the end of babyhood.
That makes me oh so sad.

Upon my realization I’ve decided to embrace this time
before he turns 13 and wants me to get out of here.

I’ve been ignoring my responsibilities
So I can play with cars on the floor,
letting him cook with me (as frustrating as that is),
going outside to watch him play cars, dig dirt, and gather sticks.

I’m thankful that my husband doesn’t mind coming home to unwashed loads of laundry, mediocre dinners (or take out), and a messy, dusty house.  

I am thankful for the opportunity to recognize discovery in Jake’s eyes.

I’m thankful for being a stay-at-home mom… but mostly for being a stay-at-home mom to Jake.

How blessed am I?? 

i'm linking up with my dear friend carina.

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thetoddlerwhisperer said...

totally. and those moments you spend are total investments in your little man's future. they truly add up.

Carina Schoen said...

SO blessed. but the sweet, lovely, wonderful thing is that you have such a special love for your boy. thanks for sharing it!!

Amanda said...

That hat is gorgeous! Looks like this is such a sweet time in your life!


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