Tuesday, March 20, 2012

{ traveling with a toddler : packing for real }

our little family recently took a trip to costa rica, where i am originally from.
i decided to write a couple of posts about the subject of traveling with a toddler.
somewhat hoping that it helps other moms and dads attempting to do the same,
but mostly as a way to analyze the entire experience.

for the whole sha-bang!, click here.


I’ve recently realized that I’ve been home for nearly a month
so I think it’s time that I finish up this traveling with a toddler "series".

Remember the packing lists and all those suitcases we brought to Costa Rica?
Well as I dug through them every day my thoughts always went to
“did I really need this?”
That's the question that I'm dissecting today.

- - -

The Carry On
As I mentioned in a previous post, our flight there was a disaster so everything in that bag was used or attempted to be used to make a sick boy happy.

If I was to do it again, 
I’d pack a change of clothes for everyone. Two for the baby.

The Suitcase
The list I had previously published only included things for Jacob. I have to say that he wore pretty much everything I packed for him except 
the polo shirt and an extra pair of jeans I accidentally packed.

If I was to do it again, 
I’d pack the same stuff. Maybe a few less swim diapers.

In that suitcase I also packed my clothes. THIS is where I saw a lot of room for improvement. Friends, don’t tell my husband but I often say I don’t know what I’m going to wear but in reality I already have my outfits pre-planned in my head. 
In spite of this knowledge, I still manage to pack things that I haven’t worn in three years but have unrealistic hopes of wearing them on vacation. Key word is unrealistic
I still feel guilt over having packed several dresses, a variety of shirts, and many sandals that I never wore. Not once. 
Not to mention a work out outfit and sneakers. Why did I think I’d move a finger if I didn’t actually have to? Someone slap me. I feel guilt because space was a hot commodity on this trip. So hot, in fact, 
that we had to shift weight between suitcases to avoid surcharges.

If I was to do it again, 
I’d pack a few very versatile basics, some accessories, and two pairs of sandals. That’s my tip.

The Stroller
It was used twice… both times at the airport. I think it was a necessity. My husband’s opinion might differ. I didn’t mind bringing it because it traveled for free and it was useful but at the same time it was just one more thing to carry. Good thing it was an easy-to-fold, lightweight stroller.

If I was to do it again, 
I’d fight my husband again and bring it.

The Carseat
Clearly it’s a necessity but it’s a pain in the rear end to lug it around. Because Jacob did not have his own seat (he still qualifies as a lap child) we had to bring it to the gate for it to be placed underneath the plane.

If I was to do it again, 
I’d look into rentals.

The Ergo Carrier
It served it’s purpose at the airport and when we went on a walk but we could have done without it.

If I was to do it again, 
I’d see if a hot sling might work since it minimally used.

- - -

Ok friends, those are my notes about packing. Thanks for indulging my every word.
If you’re traveling with a toddler soon and are reading this for tips, I hope it helps!!

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Unknown said...

Esther you kinda made my day with your sweet comment. Thank you so much! And...I don't have a clue about toddlers and essential while on outings with said toddlers...but I adore these kind of posts.

See you around sweet lady!



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