Friday, April 6, 2012

{ lovely things } week of 4/2

i'm sure i've mentioned it before but i'll tell you again just in case
i am a freelance writer. i cover stories for two towns in south jersey.
the two publications print on monthly basis so, 
in addition to always working from home on my own schedule, 
i also only have to meet one deadline. 
it's a good gig for a stay-at-home mom and allows from supplemental income that can't hurt.

it gets a tad difficult with an 18-month-old with never-ending energy 
so i find myself working at night a lot. and lately i don't even have energy for that.
and with my lack of energy comes writer's block. 
serious cases of it.
so it takes for e ver to get my work done.
i just wanna sleep... is that so wrong?

the reason for this long story i'm telling you is because i want to boast 
that i've finished my assignments for the month of april. i am thrilled. 
just two more edits to do and i will be able to bid them goodbye with a click of the word "send"

i also wanted to explain why i've been lacking in the posting department.
which i hope it's something that i've just accomplished. 

so, without further ado, i will share with you some memorable links from the week
(because when i was battling writers block i thought perusing the internet would help. it didn't.)

a. i'm a big fan of baby slings. i feel so primitive and efficient when i have a baby hanging on my side while i get dishes washed with two hands. i know people make slings all the time
 but i am so impressed with the sling julianna from the letter 4 literally put together in minutes. 
she makes it seem so easy. 

b.this sunflower cake is so darn cute and easy to make. 
gotta keep it in the mental files (read: pinterest) for future use!'s not too early to look for a new diaper bag (a real one, not like the large, pretty bag from anthropologie that i used as a diaper bag last time. this time a i need a real, carry-all-my-crap-while-looking-cute kinda diaper bag) so basically i'll take any one of them from this etsy shop.

d.ilene from much love illy reminded me of my love for regina spektor this week. so i was happy to see that a new cd is coming out in may. get ready, husband, 
this dj is going to hit the replay button over and over for a few months.

e.there are a total of 4 belly pictures of my pregnancy with jake. sad but true. 
so this time i'm committed to documenting the process. 
perhaps with something like a cute tshirt to grow into and a video
(i'm not above being a copy-cat, sisters)

f.we need this helping tower in our home but, 
due to phil's and my combined very limited carpentry skills and lack of focus, 
i think a stool will do.


Unknown said...

The belly shirt is so cute! Go for it!

Soccer jerseys said...

Those are awesome!


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