Tuesday, April 10, 2012

{ easter 2012 }

wahoo it's the easter season!
by far my favorite moment of easter mass is once again singing alleluia.
i miss it during lent.

we spent our easter at my in law's with many lovely people, cousins, and food.
i was so glad that my own family was invited and joined us for dinner and dessert.

nothing better for a little boy than to see ALL of his aunts and uncles in one place.
nothing better for a little boy's parents than to not have to split time during a holiday.

of course this mama did not remember to get easter outfit pictures OR a family easter picture.
the memories are in our brain as phil says.

but i did get a few shots of the kids being funny and cute 
and having tons of fun with each other.
so ill just share those instead.

1 comment:

Carolyn said...

i love the one sock photo, so cute!


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