Monday, April 16, 2012

{ product review : petiteBox }

a few weeks ago i was contacted by petiteBox
they asked if they could send me one of their baby product boxes 
before agreeing i did some research 
mostly to see if it was for real before giving a stranger my home address. 
i'm very weary of this kind of thing. 

well. it was for real. and ends up they've been doing this whole box thing for a while. 
they started in europe with Glossy Box, a beauty box brand which is also launching in the US soon.
now they're in the us with petiteBox, a high-end mom and baby e-commerce subscription service.
to say the least, they have some experience curating product boxes.

basically, every month, petiteBox sends subscribing moms 
a box of 4-7 products that they highly recommend for mothers and babies.
the products change each month.

after finding all of this out, i said to myself, why not?

when i received the -very pretty- box in the mail i found several great products inside. 
some of which i would recommend to my friends.

1. two MAM pacifiers 
all of my friends know im a big supporter of introducing pacifiers and bottles to babies, 
even if they are going to be exclusively breastfed. 
moms and their boobs need breaks.

2. an angel dear monkey blankie
they also know that i love that my kid has a blankie 
that provides comfort when he sleeps, wakes, plays, etc. 

3.hpa lansinoh oil
lansinoh oil was my best friend during week 3 of jake's life, 
when nursing him was like being whipped for the duration of the feeding session. 

4. basq calm resilient body oil

5. basq stretch mark butter
stretch marks are evil. 

6. lotus wei infinite love mist

7. earth friendly hypoallergenic shampoo/bodywash
jake has the most sensitive skin so hypoallergenic body products are all that exist in our home. 

i liked the mix of products... some for mom and some for baby.
as an expectant mother i was definitely happy to see something in there for me 
so i quickly jumped on starting to use the body oil
the pacifiers and blankie made me so excited for a new baby
and with jake's super duper sensitive skin i was happy to have some soap i can use for him.

definitely something in there for everyone.

i think the "target audience" for petiteBox is first time moms 
who are looking for new, up-and-coming, perhaps even trendy brands.
the first time around it's hard to find the things that work for you and your baby 
especially if you don't have a support system around you to make suggestions
or if you find that your support system is recommending the most outdated of things
i think petiteBox will find its place among women that can relate to that. 

visit their site to find out more about them including how it works.

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