Friday, April 20, 2012

{ thankful thursday : a heartbeat }

i had my 12 week appointment today.
i had no real reason to worry 
but i was mentally preparing myself to not hear a heartbeat
in hindsight, i realize i need to reel in my thoughts 
and stop my brain from going crazy.

i laid on the weirdly tall doctor office bed and pulled my shirt up 
much to jacob's delight since he saw it as a cue to announce that there is a baby in there.

the midwife put that little doppler on my belly 
and it did its job...
it found a loudly beating heart!

i'm not one of those women who tears up at the sound of the baby's heart
and today wasn't any different.

still... i couldn't help but lay there and find myself in pure awe
that a little person (a person!) is in there.
measuring merely two inches 
but with a tiny tiny tiny beating heart 
and that amazes me.

simultaneously seeing my baby out here in the world 
running around and getting into trouble
and hearing a heartbeat coming from my insides
makes it all so real.
soon the tiny baby with a beating heart inside of me will be out here too.

ps: i know the print i posted doesn't really make sense
but i love the quote and i found it appropriate.

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Allison said...

What a wonderful moment, hearing your baby's heartbeat for the first time. I remember that and it was like "WOAH there is a person in there with another heart!" I relate to the worrying that something might go wrong, it is so hard to trust from week to week... But I need to work on that.

Ashley said...

I love hearing those little heartbeats! It is always amazing : )Congrats on #2! I had my second baby boy last november.



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