Monday, April 30, 2012

{ what i wore : to our wedding!! }

this link up party comes at a very opportune time
our 3rd anniversary is coming up on wednesday
(so please excuse me as a gush all week)

today's link up is about what i wore.
favorite subject ever.

as i looked for a wedding dress i wanted something p l a i n 
when i tried dresses on, i kept asking if i could take off the shiny stuff.
they always said no.
but then i saw IT hanging there.
the least shiny dress of all.
with a set horizontal pleads every 7 inches or so.
it was mine. 

my friend is a talented seamstress / do-it-all
so i commissioned her to make me a bolero of some sort.
i did not want to wear a strapless dress. 
so she made the top of my dress and hand-sewed me into it the day of my wedding
(and then undid the stitches at the end of the night)

isn't she talented? it totally makes the dress. 
i was in love with it. still am actually.

my friend also made my jewelry
simple ivory colored hanging pearl beads
and one tiny pearl on my neck.

my something blue was a simple silver chain with a charm 
that my friend brought me from the shrine of our lady of lourdes.
i bought my shoes at DSW for ( w a i t  f o r  i t....)
talk about a sale.
i walked to the counter thinking they were $60 and the additional discount came off.
my talented friend, again, made the oversized roses 
from material that she hemmed from the bottom of my dress.

and then i changed into my trusted rainbow sandals
(tip to future brides- break in those beautiful shoes before you have to wear them)
(another tip- bring dancing shoes!)

okay and this is about me... but our ( enormous ) wedding party was also quite spiffy that day

the girls wore blush pink lace dresses
the boys wore gray suits with pink ties

hubs wore the same suit with a gray tie

oh and the kids. they were gorgeous too. 
six nieces & nephews 
two cousins

my mom made all of the little girls' dresses  
and the boys wore suits, ties, vests, etc. that their parents 
so amazingly found in our color scheme 

recently someone asked if we thought we were the royal couple with all those kids in our wedding
no. we just think they're too darn cute not to involve them.

oh man. looking back i wish i could relive that day over and over again.
it could not have been more beautiful to me. 
it was perfect. perfect for us.

head on over to absolute mommy to see what every one else wore to their wedding.

photography by joshua j. wood 


AbsoluteMommy said...

You are gorgeous! And I'm dying over that dress! The bolero is stunning! ANd those shoes!! They deserve a post of their own!!!
And I love the wedding colors!
So beautiful and happy Anniversary!
Thanks so much for linking up! Liked you back on facebook! Would you please find me on twitter? I follow most of my blogs there and would love to follow yours!

Ashley said...

Happy early Anniversary! I love the lace on your dress! It is so beautiful and even more special that your friend made the bolero!

Stopping by from Absolute Mommy!

Lindsay said...

That dress is absolutely beautiful. You have a very talented friend. You looked gorgeous.

Amanda said...

Esther you are beautiful! The lace bolero is almost pretty enough to make me cry! Love the gray + pink combo. Love all the kids. I love everything about this! What a sweet day for you to remember! Happy Anniversary!

Bethany said...

so stunning! I just love that bolero!!! I'm a sucker for lace!

elise said...

love the lace. so much! gorgeous wedding! :)

Tranae said...

Lovely pictures. I love the pink and gray together and your dress was beautiful.

Kate @ DCL said...

Lovely wedding! I am in love with the colors you chose... seriously they are perfect :) Sounds like you have a lot of talented people in your family! I would have never guessed any of the outfits were hand-sewn... absolutely gorgeous!


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