Thursday, May 31, 2012

{ book review : the first husband }

my husband's comment when he saw me reading this book was
"babe, i don't know how comfortable i am with you reading that"
i told him it was a self-help book.

k i d d i n g . obvi.

the first husband by laura dave tells the story of annie, a travel journalist based out of LA, who finds herself suddenly dumped by her live-in boyfriend of five years, nick, whom she thought she'd spend the rest of her life with. after moping around her apartment for several days, annie heads out to get a drink and, unbeknownst to her, a husband. 

on that fateful late night she meets griffin. a mere three months later, the two are married and moving across the country to griffin's remote hometown in massachusetts. facing major life changes including moving, being fired, and the return of old lovers, annie begins to question if she might have made a permanent choice to marry griffin a little bit too quickly.

i enjoyed the first husband... it's the kind of girly, love story novel that i enjoy. i couldn't wait to find out what annie would choose to do, return to LA or honor her commitment to griffin.

i loved griffin's character. clearly this book was written by a girl because it's the only way any man, fictional or non-fictional, could read a girl's mind. griffin said all the right things at the right moments, he stands by annie, loves her as any girl would want. swoon. unrealistic but swooooon.

the other characters surrounding the two of them drove me crazy, though:
an irresponsible brother, his twin sons, annie's ex-boyfriend, griffin's ex-girlfriend,
griffin's mother, annie's best friend jordan, her editor.

his ex-girlfriend gia is the worst though.
i wanted to say "get out of here girl. you're not wanted."

but in the end, they are all what made you become dive into the story. 

to find out more about the first husband visit the blog her book club page and and join the discussion!

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however all the opinions I share are my own.

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Joanna said...

hahaha, that books sounds like the story of my life! need to read this book asap!


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