Saturday, May 26, 2012

{ getting crafty : wreath from a pool noodle }

I've been getting the itch to be creative.
Can you say #nesting?

I'm also really #cheap.

I should stop using hashtags when I'm not on Twitter.

So when I saw a pool noodle at the dollar store the other day 
I knew I had to buy one and try to make a wreath out of it.
And guess what? It worked.

Here's how I did it.
I only made one cut but I reinforced it with tape throughout so it wouldn't snap.

The shutters I hung up in the kitchen to use as a card holder for Christmas
were still there and were looking pretty sad.

When I saw this on Pinterest I knew I would have to make a wreath for my shutters.
So I did.

And now there it is. 
A pool noodle.
Covered in fabric.
With felt flowers.

What do you think?
I. Love. It.

1 comment:

Taryn said...

I love it too :) How thick was the fabric? It looks like a 2 or 3 inch thick strip you just wrapped around? Did you glue the fabric at all? I have a ton of fabric scraps.. wonder if I could make it work with smaller pieces.


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