Tuesday, May 1, 2012

{ how to go back to the gym }

how to return to the gym 
after taking a first trimester break

wake up in denial.
cry a little bit.

eat breakfast. cry a little more.

tell yourself you don't have to go knowing that you will eventually make it in.

call your husband crying.

get dressed
grab water bottle

convince yourself you're tough.

drive slowly to the gym as to eat up some of the babysitter time you have

park the car. stare at the steering wheel for 5-10 minutes.

walk into the gym.
run walk a mile 
run a mile
bike a mile
use various other machines and lift weights.

drink plenty of fluids.

leave the gym. go to the fruit market.
throw up in the parking lot from drinking too much water.
go home and spend the day on the couch.

decide to prolong the hiatus from the gym.


abby said...

So funny! Sorry your threw up. That's no fun. I totally support your decision.

Tranae said...

lol. Hang in there. I worked out for the first time in two months today. At least you could run a mile. I maxed out 4MPH today. A big drop down from my usual 5-6MPH. Heres an encouraging hug from your newest follower.


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