Saturday, May 26, 2012

{ lovely things } may.26

i can't remember the last time i did a lovely things post 
not that i haven't seen anything share-worthy 
i just have been in another world. 

these links have tickled my fancy recently... enjoy!

they have cute and affordable clothes and im going to go virtual shopping soon.

b.i want cute throw pillows like these and these.

c.when i need inspiration for home decor i go to home made lovely... 
someday ill have my house featured there.

d.i'm super nostalgic from watching baby videos of jake. you can see them too on you tube :) i love nantucket red, the color. and i love saying it. nantucket red. i needed some visual inspiration and these are the pinterest results. im really loving this coral and nantucket red wedding.

f.i'll take any of these prints for anywhere in my house. thank you. friend hannah just opened her very own shop with cute little dangly earrings. she's so good with colors. she inspires me to add some to my life.

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