Monday, May 14, 2012

{ the luckiest mom's day }

My Facebook and Twitter feeds from yesterday were filled 
with lovely women claiming to be the luckiest moms in the world. 

I hate to break it to you, ladies, but
I am currently the holder of that title
and I have no plans of giving it up any time soon.

We spent yesterday afternoon in a quaint little town called Chester, New Jersey.

Mexican food is my current and consistent craving 
so Phil indulged me with an al fresco lunch at a great little place.
(Al fresco dining is my all time favorite warm weather luxury.)
Then we strolled, window shopped, saw a plethora of doggies, 
and finished our afternoon off with ice cream. 

If that's not a perfect afternoon, I'm not sure what could ever be.


On a more sentimental note about Mother's Day:

I don't think there is anything I enjoy more than spending time with Phil and Jacob
and yesterday was particularly special because
if it wasn't because of the two of them I would not have the privilege of being a mom.

I am ever so grateful that Phil made me the mother to his babies
and that he tells me all the time that I am a great mom. 
Sometimes -- by that I mean all the time-- I really need encouragement in this journey
and he is always there to help me push through.
I am so incredibly honored to be Jacob's mom.
He is the coolest kid on the world 
(that's another official title this family is proudly holding on to forever)
He makes me laugh... and sometimes cry but it's ok because he's so cute.
He has made me a better human being 
and has given me insight into the way God loves us 
that I would have otherwise never attained.

Because if God loves us even half as much as I love that kid...
well, that thought just blows my mind.

I'm one blessed woman among these men.


Here are some pictures of our day!

Of course, Jake (and Phil) managed to find water to play with. Shocker.

I didn't get a picture with my mama but here she is with her grand baby.

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TicoTina said...

awwww so precious! glad you had a good day! =)


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