Wednesday, May 2, 2012

{ 'till death }

 Today marks three years since Phil and I married.
In the grand scheme of things, three years is nothing
But I have been spending the last few days thinking:
“I can’t believe it’s been this long.”
I’m only 24. Phil is only 26.                                        
In our young lives we’ve already gotten three years of marriage under our belts.

It may not be much but in a culture of drive-through marriages,
I’m not ashamed to be proud of ourselves.

Marriage is hard.
Like I said we got married young.
If people around us didn’t think we were flat out crazy for it
they at least thought we were peculiar.

No one ever said “it wont last” (to my face)
but up until a few weeks before
I was asked “are you sure?”

And it was hard to say
“Yes I’m sure”
Because, frankly, it’s difficult to be so counter cultural.
In a world where more than 50% of marriages are failing,
How could a 21-year-old say, with unwavering confidence, that we can be different?

I wanted to tell people. Phil is different.
I’m different. We’re not just two young wild and crazy kids.

“She’s just naive,” people would say.
What does a 21-year-old know?
“She’ll see.”

Then and now, I know that nothing in life is guaranteed,
I also know in my heart that Phil and I can be different.

There are several reasons for me to firmly believe that.
Yet there’s one that I think that stands above all of them.

We both love God.

When I was growing up I had plenty of examples of dysfunctional marriages to choose from. 
It was sad and scary. It made me not want to get married for a l o n g, very l o n g time.

Well, that plan didn’t work because I met Phil.

He changed my mind about marriage. He gave me hope in the institution.

Phil loved God long before he loved me… and I like it that way.

He is a man who prays.
He loves God, then me, then our kids, then everything else.
He is a faithful man.

I knew I couldn’t pass him up.
I knew that because he loved God, he would love me well too.

I married a great guy who makes sure that we keep
God as the foundation of our marriage.

On a side note:
Gals, if you got yourself a man that loves God.
Thank Him for it every single day.
Treasure him. Love him. Don’t pass him up.
There are very few of them these days.

That is all.

Oh and I love you, Babe. Happy Three!

Photos of some of the details of our wedding (just because I can) by Joshua J. Wood


Jenni Austria Germany said...

such a dreamy wedding. love those cake toppers.

Carolyn said...

oh my gosh, I totally got the SAME things when we got married. I remember my response because I said it often: I don't know what what it will be like to 40 and married or what we will go through 30 years from now (how could anyone?!), but I know who Paul is and how he works and I know that he and I will both approach our challenges in the best way we can (ie. with humility and GOD) Beautiful post! And beautiful pictures!

Jess said...

Such a lovely post :)

Hubby & I got married at 19&22...I resonate your thoughts in this post exactly. It's been hard but it's worth 100% the effort we have put into making it survive & thrive.

TicoTina said...

beautiful details! I wish I could see pictures of you guys, too!

and all the naysayers need to go to Jesus and get a chip off of their shoulder...!


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