Tuesday, May 15, 2012

{ boy or girl : who is in there? }

Only another month until we find out what kind of baby we're having!

I am DYING to find out who is growing inside of me.
Phil is not so sure he wants to know anymore
but I told him I wouldn't be good at keeping a secret so he might as well just find out with me.

With Jacob, I had no desire to find out.
The promise of hearing "it's a boy" or "it's a girl" 
in the hospital room was thrilling for me.
That thrill got me through the entire pregnancy.

So this curiosity is all new to me. 

I've been feeling that it's a girl the entire time. 
Perhaps it's only because in my head, I should have one of each. 
But we know that's not true.
Truth be told, I'm p e t r i f i e d of having a girl
so I also think I might be trying to convince myself that it is a girl 
so that I can take the edge off of the fear.

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I'm not the only one dying to find out who is my womb's current tenant.

A few weeks ago, my mom and aunt sat me down to do the "needle and thread" test.
I hesitated because it seemed a little too superstitious for my liking.
"We used to do this whenever any of us were pregnant and it always worked!"
People, I have 60+ cousins. I was basically forced to do it.

It consists of threading a needle and letting it hang over the middle of your hand's palm.
If it swings back and forth that means it's a boy.
If it swings in circles that means it's a girl.
It is supposed to go in the order of kids you already have.
So if you already have two boys and are expecting a girl,
it would swing back and forth twice and then in circles the third time.

The first several tries did nothing and my mom said it was because I didn't believe it could work.
So she made me do it on her and then on my aunt.
It worked.
It swung in circles once then back and forth twice for my mom.
It swung in circles twice then back and forth twice for my aunt.
Creepy right?

They did it on me again. 
It swung back and forth once then in circles once, then again, and again. 
I made them stop after two "girls."

Obviously it's no guarantee, its not scientific and it's no answer from God.
But it has got me thinking and thinking. That's all I can do for another four weeks. 

That, and look into other old wive's tales, like:

sweet and sour - craving sweets means it's a girl. 
i'm not craving sweets these days.
i craved sweets with jake, lots of ice cream, so i don't believe this one

even and odd - if the mom's age and the year at the conception are both even numbers, it means it's a girl. if one is even and one is odd, it's a boy.
i was 24 and the year is 2012. 

spot on - if you are breaking out in acne more than usual, it's a girl
yep. you should see my forehead.

hanging ring - when hanging from a thread, if your wedding ring hangs in circles, it's a girl. if it goes back and forth it's a boy.
it's the same as the needle and thread. so, it seems it's a girl.

throwing up - if you're puking your brains out, its a girl.
well, once or twice a week isn't "puking my brains out" but it's more than i did with jake.

According to these I might be in for some sugar and spice. 
Just a few short weeks until we have a confirmation.

What about you? Do you believe in any old wives tales? 
I feel so silly even considering them! 


No(dot dot)el said...

"People I have 60+ cousins. I was basically forced to do it" This made me LOL. I can so relate coming from a big family myself. I was asked to play that game as well with one of my 4 pregnancies. I think they are all just in good fun and I also think that being surprised is so exciting. I was only patient enough to wait with my last baby and I regret now that I didn't wait for the surprise with the others because there are so few surprises in this life, and none quite like that announcement in the delivery room. I am so excited and curious to know too now ;)

Kate @ DCL said...

o my goodness, the days waiting up until we found out the gender of hayden were sooo long. I thought the whole time I was having a boy {i think because I always imagined having a boy first lol} until the night before my ultrasounds I dreamed they told me I was having a girl. And the next day they did! weird :P


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