Wednesday, June 27, 2012

{ thrifty love gift exchange }

maybe i was just oblivious,
but i was entirely unaware that thrifting was "a thing" until fairly recently.

i've always l o v e d second-hand shopping.
when a large thrift store opened up near me (literally three minutes away) 
i realized that i wasn't the only one who was a fan of it.
then i started raveling in the blogosphere 
and it was confirmed: the world loved thrifting as much as i did (maybe more)!

now, i proudly accept that a large amount of my belongings come from thrift stores.
ain't no shame. 
and i know many of you out there love it too... admit it!

so when my friend carina came up with the idea for a 
thrifty love gift exchange,
i was in head first!!
we should all share our affinity for frugal shopping
(plus, i need an excuse to head to goodwill, salvation army, or unique. don't you?)

are inviting you to participate in this little (ok probably massive) gift exchange party.

{ thanks danielle }

are you in?

so, let me explain what this is all about.

what is this thrifty gift exchange?
a fun new way to get to know some fantastic bloggers who share a love for thrifting!

how does it work?
once you express interest you will receive the name, link, and address 
to a blogger who wants to participate and someone else will get yours
then you will hit the thrift shop to find a perfect little treasure for your new bud 
and send it off to them in the mail.

are you in? here's what you need to do:
send an email to carina at punkpumpkinpeanut {at} gmail {dot} com by july 5
in that email include a link to your blog and a mailing address 
(your address will only be shared with your one match up)

you'll get your match no later than july 10. 

once you do, visit your buddy's blog to get to know them
and  h e a d   t o   t h e   t h r i f t   s t o r e
spending limit is $10
this is open any and all bloggers within the united states
all packages should be in the mail no later than july 25.
(if you have to back out, let us know by july 20)

on august 6 tell the world about your thrift store adventures in a post on your blog
and don't forget to link up with one of this party's lovely hostesses.

a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut


No(dot dot)el said...

I am so excited about this fun event, I could pee my pants! I won't I promise. I'm just saying that I could, that's how awesome it is. Thanks for the brilliant idea and arranging it all. I'm going to tweet it to the world now. or my like 100 twitter fans ;) ha ha ha!

Allison said...

This sounds like so much fun! I can't wait to get in on this goodness-).


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