Monday, June 18, 2012

{ sesame place & a review}

we spent our saturday at sesame place in langhorne, pa
with: my mom, my aunt and uncle, 
my cousin, her fiance, and their son, 
and my other cousin, his wife, and their three kids.

my mom could possibly have been more excited than jacob was to see all the monsters

he was skeptical of them when they were up close... as he should be. 
i mean... think about it. 
they're cute and entertaining on the tv but they are giants and f r e a k y in person.

i'd like to know what bert and ernie are supposed to be. 
they aren't monsters, right?

jake was mesmerized during the live elmo's show
like, he wouldn't take his eyes away from the set
hence why he's not looking at the camera despite my attempts to get his attention 

clearly he was tired so he fell asleep for a little when we put him back in the stroller
(thank god. cranky pants)
he was still a little moody when we were waiting for the parade after "nap time"

the parade was very lively. i felt bad for those characters and dancers that performed in the hot sun

i have to say, oscar the grouch is my favorite monster.
i think he is the realist of the sesame street crew.

we also got to see dan zanes in concert

this is the best picture of jacob with my cousin's son steven

the hot day called for kids (and dads) running through those water sprayers

my husband cannot use my slr for the life of him
this is probably the only picture of me from the entire day
... flash and all

this is a picture showing him that my camera does work well without a flash
aren't they just two studs?

i love this boy and the nervous, expectant, joy on his face.

as far as the "tips" go...
here are some thoughts from our visit.
maybe they'll help you prep 
if you're planning a trip to sesame place:

age appropriateness: jake is 21 months and not yet 42 inches tall, which is the height required to ride a lot of the attractions. i think i would wait until he's that tall to bring him again.
there are definitely things that are better for older kids (5+) and things for younger ones like jake 
so i saw parents splitting up to bring kids to different rides.

price: admission is $58 and, to be honest, i'm not sure it's worth it. my cousin gathered a group of 15+ people (her friends were there too) which got us a group discount 
and brought the price down to $25. for the group price we would go again. 

also, they have some deal right now that gives you a second day for free when you buy a regular priced ticket. that makes it a little more worth it if you live nearby or get a good deal on a hotel room. 

food: i ate a $13 cheeseburger and much to my surprise it was not made of gold or all natural, grass-fed ground beef with organic toppings. i know, shocking. personally, next time i'll probably pack some lunches and head for the picnic table area. you can bring a small cooler. 
my kid didn't want to stop to eat so i was glad i packed some snacks for him and plenty of water.

water attractions: i brought a bathing suit but my husband spared me from having to go in the water so i got to chat with the ladies in my family instead. with that said, next time i would wear something that i can just go in and out of the water in. there is so much water play that it's just not totally smart to have to change in and out of bathing suits. 

shopping: this was a joke. $35 for a pajama set. no thanks. i'll head to target and buy their sesame street stuff instead. my kid won't know the difference. $3 for a bottle of water and no water fountains to fill our camelback bottles. that's ok. we brought 5 poland springs for ourselves. 

parade: we were late, meaning 10 minutes before it started, so we couldn't see too well. i would tell people to set up camp on the "store" side of the street (over by hoppers store, etc) where the parade route is. that side gets blocked off a little while before it starts so the people on that side get to enjoy non-crowded parade viewing and curbside seating. there is less shade but you get an excellent view and won't have to hold your kid in the air so he or she can see big bird.

all in all, we really enjoyed our time. jacob pointed to things and laughed and played a lot. 
he even started saying his version of the word "elmo" when we got home.
and, a bonus, he slept very well the next day.

if you're reading these tips before heading to sesame place, 
e n j o y!!
( and don't forget to leave a comment! )

ps: obviously the "review" above was not paid for by any one. 
i just wanted to give a few pointers to help any parents who might be heading there.

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thetwistedruffle said...

that looks like so much fun!!

my husbands family thinks i'm nuts, but if i lived in ca or florida, i would love love love to be a disney character {probably snow white} because i just think it would be the most fun job EVER!!!! maybe it would get old after a while? i can hardly think anything could be more fun!!!

you look adorable, by the way!


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