Monday, June 25, 2012

{ crushin' on bloglovin' }

i'm a blogger
but even more than that 
i'm a lover of blogs.

i follow so many and i love finding new ones.
i don't think there is ever a day i don't peruse at least some old faves.

but when it comes to keeping up with them, 
i found that i was having a hard time. 
i hate getting "new post from xyz blog" emails
facebook is so cluttered that it only gets my attention sometimes
it's easy to miss new post announcements on twitter
you get the picture.


one day i decided to try out blog lovin' 
something i had been reluctant to do since i'm already on one too many social networking sites

but much to my surprise it turned out to be the perfect solution for me.
so i decided to recommend it to you all as well 
because i can think of a handful of people in my life who might benefit too

bloglovin' is just a website you sign up for
where you can add the blogs you want to follow
and it updates your account every time a new post is added

you can even split the blogs you love into groups. 
(right now i just have one group that helps me keep up with some lovelies i call the lake placid girls)
but i've been meaning to split some up into 
"parenting" "house decor inspiration" "photography" "family life" "general stalking" etc
most would probably fit into that last category.

when you click go to a post, it marks it as read. 

apparently they have iphone and android aps too 
but i'm still living in prehistoric times and don't own a smart phone

what i do is when i have some down time (ie: naptime) i just log on to
and read as many updated blogs as possible. 
if i don't get through them, the unread ones will be waiting for me next time.

i wish i had more info to give you but seriously that's it. 
so easy.

to get you started, here is the link to follow this blog through bloglovin.


karamurano said...

lake placid girls. eeee! can't wait :)

Allison said...

I use bloglovin too, but I ended up moving to another reader when my blog list got to long... I keep getting too many blogs on my list to keep up with and my favorite blogs would get lost in the millions of posts (or so it seems) that came up a day. I think I need to weed out ones I don't read, but then I feel a little bad cutting people! This blog following business is hard stuff!


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