Wednesday, June 20, 2012

{ flowers & a lamp DIY }

last week i was in a mood for flowers
i get in moods like that
once, soon after we got married, 
i told my husband not to get me flowers
i told him that i'm not a flowers kind of girl 
i've regretted telling him that a few times since
i still dont think im a flowers kinda girl 
but i'm a pretty house kinda girl
and i think flowers will beautify any space at all

so last week, i bought myself some flowers.
see, now after i told you why he doesnt get me flowers, now you don't think he's a bad husband
he's the best actually so i'm glad there's no confusion

anyway, because i'm a cheap-o, i bought one ten dollar bouquet from our farmers market
and divided it into f o u r tiny accent arrangements
i kinda love them

that little girl in the picture frame is my mom :)

when i was placing this beauty of a monochromatic arrangement right next to the lamp
i realized i should tell you about my "new" lamp

speaking of cheapskate
i think lamps are overpriced even at thrift stores
when i find one at a good price, i just buy it even if i dont have a place for it
i'd rather do that than spend $20 for an ugly one at target
or $60 for a good one.
um. no thanks. 

i bought this lamp for $4.99, spray painted it in sage green, and knotted twine around it.
the lampshade i had laying around. probably from another thrift store.

the problem was that the lampshade needed a harp
(that's that thing that you screw the shade into. i just googled what it was called.)
and the lamp didn't come with one. 

i remembered seeing them at home depot 
and much to my pleasure i found them for $3.97

it's that gold part.|

no more balancing a lampshade on top of a light bulb hoping no one touches it.


thetwistedruffle said...

i'm a cheap-o too! i love flowers but i always feel like they are a waste of money. if i had a ton of money, i'd have a house full of flowers, but since i don't....i'd rather spend it on something that lasts!!!

all of your arrangements look fab!

No(dot dot)el said...

ha ha that's kinda funny. the balancing act with lamp shades is happening right now with my bedside lamp. not fun ;) yours turned out pretty though.


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