Tuesday, June 12, 2012

{ a girl, my girl }

As I shared on Saturday, we found out that we are having a girl.
I am: a little bit shocked, a little bit excited, and a little bit nervous. 
Normal, right?

To ease the nerves, my mom and I went shopping on Saturday.
Actually, we were supposed to shop for my boy who needs summer clothes.
And we did.
But I couldn't resist a few white and pink things here and there. 

First of all. I forgot how tiny newborns are. 
How you can hold them comfortably in the nook of your one arm. 
I know it's cliche, but it goes by so quickly. 
I completely forgot about it all.

Second of all, I am getting more and more comfortable with the idea of having a girl.
My fears are related to having a teenage daughter 
so I've made amends with my brain to worry about that when this girl is, in fact, a teenager. 

For now, and for the next few years, I've decided that I am going to enjoy her childhood. 
Making bows for her hair and probably slicking it so tightly like my mom used to do to me. 
Seriously, I look Asian in a lot of my pictures as a little girl and my husband finds it hilarious.

I am loving how delicate baby girl clothes are. 
I'm loving bows, and shoes with bows on them, and scallops. 
I didn't think I would. 
But I am. 

Can't wait to see this little girl in these things.

Oh and that last dress. That's the dress hubs got the babe.  I wish I fit in it.
Good taste, right? 
He's a good catch. 


Sandy a la Mode said...

those baby shoes are soo adorable!!

Carolyn said...

love it!

TicoTina said...

so fun, Esther! girls are wonderful =)

ladybug said...

Phil has great taste ;) Can't wait to see what else he picks up for the little lady


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