Friday, June 1, 2012

{ lovely things } week of 5/28

there's a pretty obvious threat of a rain storm right now.
chilly wind is blowing, a little drizzle here and there, dark clouds poking in and out
and i'm praying that it does rain hard. 
after spending the morning and early afternoon 
at play class and then walking through downtown and playing in the park,

i need a good excuse to sit on the couch this afternoon and watch thomas and friends with jake. 

for now, i'll take a rest on the couch while he naps 
and share some great links with you. enjoy!

oh and h a p p i e s t of weekends!

a. um, are those really plastic spoons? crafting is getting cheaper by the minute.

b. i love seeing pinterest projects done by real people. tiffany from the twisted ruffle was inspired by a pin to stack up old crates and i love it!

c. by this time next week we will know if we're having a boy or a girl. i've been looking at gender reveal ideas on pinterest... my hub isn't into any of them. seven more days to convince him of one.

e.  head over to my facebook page where i will share a link to an album of my late uncle's paintings. sometimes i wonder what he saw when he looked at the world. he was an amazing artist, his life was short lived, and so much of his talent untapped. 

f. beau-tiful centerpieces with the right hint of diy. perfect for a fresh summer wedding. 

1 comment:

thetwistedruffle said...

oh, what a sweetheart you are to say you liked my crates!!! thank you! i'm flattered.

and the spoons? i know! how do people come up with this stuff? never, ever, in a million years would i ever come up with the idea to melt some plastic spoons to make a chandelier or a flower or anything. some folks are just genius!

have a great weekend girl! i've got some garage sales to go to!! wish me luck.


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