Thursday, June 14, 2012

{ an overabundance of work }

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This week has been a little bit hectic.

As I’ve mentioned before my husband has a long commute to work.
2.5 hours… each way. That’s five hours a day.
He works from his computer with a wireless card the entire time.

Sometimes it gets to be trying. 

On Monday he texted to say he needed to take the 4:45pm train.
That would be a great time to take a train if it didn’t mean it would get him home at 7:15pm.
Usually, he takes a 4:15 train and gets home at 6:45.
I had spent the morning doing laundry and entertaining a little boy.
Then, in the afternoon while he napped, I worked. I’m a freelance writer for two newspapers.
After his nap, I still had to go food shopping and make dinner.
When Phil finally got home. 
We ate dinner, put the boy to bed, and both went back to our computers to do more work.

On Tuesday, we spent our entire day dealing with a little situation via phone and email.
It took our attention entirely away from our work…
which meant we needed to work all night a g a i n.

Yesterday, we each spent the whole day working.
Not even stopping for a phone call and sending each other one word emails or texts.

Just a second ago, he texted me to say he’ll probably have to take a late train again.
I guess the week isn't over yet.

As I take a moment to wallow in self-pity and pity for my husband’s demanding schedule, 
I remember some things:

It was less than two years ago that Phil was severely under-employed 
and on the verge of being unemployed.

It was less than two years ago that I was fearful to log into our online banking.

It was less than two years ago that my prayer time was filled with pleads 
for the Lord to give Phil the opportunity to confidently provide for his family.

It was less than two years ago that I would ask Him to give Phil a job that he enjoyed. 
A job that challenged him and that used his plethora of talents.

And less than two years ago, 
H E   D I D .

Even if his job is demanding, Phil enjoys his job. Even when he “complains” about the things that went wrong all day, I know he appreciates the challenge behind them. Even when his bosses expect too much of him, he is happy to meet their requests and exceed their expectations.

We went through a tough time. Not unlike so many in America, and around the world.
It could have been worse. It could have been better.

Today, I’m sitting at my computer finishing my own work, 
which has been a steady and reliable blessing for many years. 
After my husband’s unexpected text saying “Might be late,” 
I am tempted to whine about the extra minutes of being “husbandless” 
that I will have to endure today.

Yet I am reminding myself that it is a blessing.
He has a job! I have a job! We have an overabundance of work.

Some people are praying to have that "problem."

We were praying for this "problem" ...  less than two years ago.

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thetwistedruffle said...

now that's the right way to think about this!!

but, 2.5 hours to work is unfathomable to me. wow! that's dedication for sure. maybe if all the out of work folks were willing to inconvenience themselves that much they wouldn't still be out of work. because i've got to tell you {i'm sure you already know} that most people would say that's too far and just keep "waiting" for a job closer.

i can see how you wouldn't want to complain....5 hours of commuting time is pretty admirable!!


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