Monday, June 4, 2012

{ return of the cleaning schedule }

life has been a little hectic since before i got pregnant.
so i feel like it has been 18  19  20+ weeks since my life was in order.

it has been that long since i followed a cleaning schedule or a meal plan.
it has been that long since i had a predictable prayer life.
it has been that long since i brought a list to the supermarket. 
let's be honest, it's been that long since i've been up before 9am.

i miss order, routine, predictability. 
it brings so much peace into my life.
lately, the focus has been... simply making it through the day.

but i'm starting to feel more and more like myself.
a pregnant version of myself but a version nonetheless.

i'll take it.

since i'm feeling more like myself 
i decided to print my old cleaning schedule
i know i need to tweak it but i'm giving it a try so i can decide what changes to make.

i figured i'd share it and report the results later on.

| | |

Every single morning:
put laundry in, make bed, pick up bedrooms

Every single afternoon:
fold laundry

Every single evening:
wash dishes, wipe table and counters, put toys away, put laundry away

20 minute daily cleaning tasks
Monday: wipe mirrors, tv, and glass doors with window cleaner

Tuesday: clean master bathroom

Wednesday: dust all rooms

Thursday: clean main bathroom

Friday: sweep and mop tv and living rooms

Saturday: deep clean

Deep clean rotating schedule:

Week 1: 
clean refrigerator + wash garbage cans

Week 2: 
First floor bathroom
(Disinfect all surfaces, Clean wallsWash bathtubClean behind toilet, SweepMop)

Jake’s Room (Dust, move all booksClean windowsOrganize drawers and closetSweepMop)
**change sheets weekly**

Week 3: 
Master Bathroom
(Disinfect all surfaces, clean walls, wash shower, clean behind toilet, 
organize closet,  organize under sink, sweep, mop)

Week 4: 
First floor (Vacuum, Sweep,Mop)  
TV room (dust, organize drawers, organize toy chest, organize toy closet, vacuum rug, 
vacuum inside the couch, wash duvet)

Living room (vacuum in couches, wash front door rug)

Week 5: 
Master Bedroom 
(Dust all surfaces, move all books, clean windows, 
organize drawers, and closets, vacuum, clean under bed)

**change sheets weekly**

| | |

do you follow some sort of plan? how do you keep your house clean?


karamurano said...

How do I keep my house clean?! Hmmm. I let it get super messy until my husband can't stand it anymore then I spend a day cleaning. I may have to borrow your plan :) it will probably work much better than mine!

Sarah Knob said...

A few things on your list struck me- Wash garbage cans and change sheets weekly. I guess you should never inspect my cans or sleep in my kids beds :) So inspiring! Ill try some of these!!

Carolyn said...

I almost skipped over this post for fear of the anxiety it would might give me to think about how much I should be cleaning! But this is a great plan!


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