Friday, June 8, 2012

{ refurbished secretary desk + hutch }

i've been talking about refurbishing a secretary hutch i bought at a garage sale for a while now
(see here and here)

and i am f i n a l l y sharing the results of our project

i mean the piece of furniture was nice and in great shape as it was
but i was dead set on a refurbished secretary desk and hutch in nantucket red paint.

so hubs indulged me by taking on this do-it-yourself project "with" me
("with" meaning he did most of the work 
while i either watched jake, observed, or bossed him around)

he's too nice

we sanded the entire thing which was covered in a high-gloss lacquer.
that took about 3 hours total.
then cleaned off the dust with a wet rag and let it dry overnight.
the next day, and the next, the painting started.
we did at least two coats of a satin finish 2-in-1 primer paint
(so we didn't have to prime it, thank God!)
we had to use a tiny paint brush for the top since the details were so small.
oh, all that with the hardware off.

originally the secretary desk and hutch was intended to live in the kitchen
but, since my kitchen is teeny-tiny,
the desk blocked a lot of the light and part of the doorway.
so we moved it to the next room.
i think it adds a much needed hint of color to our otherwise neutral living room
and i've been dying to add some color in there
so it worked out well.

we are using the actual desk part as a mail sorter and organized storage area for items 
that were formerly in a catch-all drawer in the kitchen.

definitely not complaining about the additional storage space with the new baby coming and all.

i decided to use chalkboard paint on the drawers to keep it organized. 

the back of the hutch is covered in fabric that i already had. 
i wanted to use a light color so the contents would stand out. 
because i am a non-committal nutcase when it comes to decorating, 
i just used hot glue around the perimeter.
this way if i want to change it in the future it will come off easily.

(here's a love note for you babe!)

i love the details... even if they were hard to paint around. 

but my absolute favorite is the hardware that it come with.
my husband likes to say that now i have room for all of the "trinckets" 
that i collect from garage sales and thrift stores.

now, i'm a self-proclaimed cheapskate
but i saved up money in our budget specifically for this project
so i didn't feel too guilty spending the money

here are the approximate breakdowns:

i will stop talking about my hutch now.
tell me what you think, though?
and if you're appalled by my "ruining" of a solid cherry wood piece of furniture,
i apologize. 
wait, no i don't... i am kind of in love with this thing now.


Unknown said...

The red and chalkboard paints totally have me forgiving you for the removal of the cherry finish. Great job!

thetwistedruffle said...

i sure don't think you "ruined" it!! i love it! i wish i had a place for a hutch like that....

it's beautiful, you guys did such a great job! i'd paint over anything so, you and i are alike there. the chalkboard paint was such a great idea. i'm jealous ;-)

bandofbrothers said...

that color is FABULOUS! great job! and your lil yellow man is totes adorbs.

Paul Tomasello said...

Great post Esther! The pics are beautiful!

Carina Schoen said...

looooooooooooooooooooooove. seriously.


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