Wednesday, June 13, 2012

{ tupperware and joy }

does tupperware make you happy?
yes. tupperware.
no? just me. ok.

i'll be honest, anything in color coordinated groups  brings me joy. 
just keepin' it real.

on the flip side of the coin,
how the heck do i end up with mismatched containers and tops?
do they walk away at night when i'm asleep?
i could pull my hair out when that happens. 

the other day my friend headed to ikea
(and i cried because i couldn't go with her)
so i asked her to pick up one of their $4 sets of like 24 pieces.
then i threw out mismatches. 
can you say #satisfaction?

i love the look of uncluttered cupboards. 
the tops are in the container on the bottom right
it's just easier for me to keep them separate.

it's the little things in life.

are there any ridiculous things that make you happy like tupperware makes me?


thetwistedruffle said...

i can't tell you how many mismatched pieces i have. i even have 4 ziplock brand bowl with no lids. not even one! how does that even happen? it's magic i guess. i love how uncluttered your cabinets are....mine look horrific!!

Jeanine said...

I just got all new containers at Costco last week. Threw out all the takeout containers and mismatched tupperware. It's the little things...


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