Tuesday, June 26, 2012

{ vandalism on my prayer journal }

 A few weeks ago I went to sit down in my little corner of the house to have my prayer time
and I found a little someone had been working on his artistic skills... on my prayer journal.

Memories flooded me of my own childhood
when I distinctly remember doing the same thing 
in the spiritual books my mom had around the house.

When I was first going through a conversion years ago, 
someone recommended that I start a prayer journal.
The idea seemed very... logical to me. 
I thought it should seem like more of a radical practice
but it didn't. 
I just thought: "That's a good idea!"
and I started writing my conversations with God.
It helped me keep focused. It helped me be honest. 

Fast forward to 2012. My son draws on my millionth journal since my conversion.
I have the memory of my mom's journals
and I realize:
"Duh! That's why it wasn't such a weird idea to me. 
I had seen my mom keep journals since I was little. 
I had watched her pray all the time.
That's why it made sense to me."

So when I was tempted to be annoyed with my little guy for vandalizing my property
I imagined him having the same kind of memories I have.
I imagined him perhaps keeping a prayer journal when he grows up
because he saw my example.

I'm not a perfect mom... by far.
I yell. I get annoyed. I grow impatient. I don't play with him enough. I turn the tv on too often. 
But I hope he forgets about all that
and just remembers that he has a mom who prays.
Not often enough... but prays nonetheless. 

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Allison said...

What a great perspective to take. I would be tempted to be a little upset too but I am glad it brought back some fond memories instead.

Courtney said...

What a beautiful post- a great example of looking at things from a different perspective!

abby said...

I found vandalism in my Bible today! And I yell, and rely on Ipads, phones AND tv too much. We should be friends.


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